John Elway turns 60 today

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The viral video of the two girls who weren’t familiar with a bunch of hit songs from the past 20 years made many feel very old this week. If that didn’t do the trick, how about this: John Elway is 60.

For those of us who grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, Elway is still the baseball player who made a power play and defied the NFL draft. He’s the young gunslinger who became one of the best quarterbacks of all time, capping a career without any championships by winning a pair of Super Bowls and walking off into the sunset.

And then, after more than a decade out of the NFL, Elway became a high-level executive with the Broncos, building another Super Bowl winner as a General Manager. Although the search fo a post-Peyton option at quarterback hasn’t gone well (MDS raised the question of how different the NFL may be if Elway had drafted Russell Wilson instead of Brock Osweiler), the selection of Drew Lock in 2019 could turn around three seasons of sub-.500 play.

Like Ozzie Newsome, Elway’s performance as a G.M. could eventually justify a Hall of Fame bust, if he wasn’t already in as a player. (Newsome definitely would have a second one.) And with plenty of years left to pursue more championships, Elway still has plenty of chances to add to a special legacy in Denver.

It would be easier if Elway didn’t have to directly compete with a quarterback who eventually may be better than Elway ever was. A quarterback who will make plenty of people real really old when he turns 60 in 2055.

22 responses to “John Elway turns 60 today

  1. Well that makes him the second greatest guy born on that day in history. Cause my old man had got you beat my friend. I mean sure you won some Super Bowls but for the Broncos……. so happy birthday to my dad and I guess John elway too. Hahaha

  2. It behooves me to state that he’s one of the best to play the game. Great arm, and he could gallop down the field more than well enough when needed. Probably not the best qb scout, but hay we can’t do everything.

  3. Elway was great fun to watch, back in the day. I still have an image of him cartwheeling into the endzone during the SuperBowl. It was obvious then that he was going to win that game.

  4. He was destined to be a Raider and Pete Roselle iksne on the trade. Thus starting the long hatred between Big Al and the league.
    If John was a Raider the other 3 Super Bowls would have been talked about in a different manner.
    Happy Birthday John

  5. I don’t think there’s ever been a QB that was as “can’t miss” as Elway was coming out of Stanford. He was a great baseball player who was drafted and played in the Yankees system, and he came out the year the USFL was signing guys like Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Reggie White, and Herschel Walker. He had 3 legitimate options, so going to play for Frank Kush at Baltimore wasn’t his best option. Elway had just completed his Economics degree from Stanford, so he wasn’t inclined to make poor business decisions. Almost 40 years later, his decision looks even smarter than it did back then. He got a bad rap for his decision, but he knew more about Frank Kush than the rest of us did.

  6. Fun fact, Elway ore his ACL in college and never had it fixed.
    Wore a brace and was still pretty darn mobile.
    Never underestimate how QBs in bad situations can’t thrive. Elway and E Manning were ahead of their time.

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. It’s my Way or no way

    From all your loyal Baltimore Colt fans that you left at the altar in 1983.

    PS…You could have never made it in baseball, cause you couldn’t hit a curve ball.

  8. And how different the league would be had the referee not lied when Karlis missed that OT field goal in Municipal Stadium.

  9. One of the most physically gifted athletes to ever play in any sport. His arm was so strong, he would leave football point indenture marks all over his receivers.

    The Colts would have not left Baltimore had he signed but HC Kush was hated by Jack Elway, Johns father …

  10. He ruined plenty of seasons for this young Chiefs fan, and even then I had to give credit where it was due. Happy birthday old man!

  11. He should have played at least one more year. It is not easy to get a chance to 3-peat as Super Bowl champion. Montana missed that chance when Roger Craig fumbled the ball away with Frisco leading the Giants and time running out. Elway could have made history but he walked away. Too bad.

  12. I know elway gets alot of praise but have you seen his numbers?
    I’d take many QBs of today over him

  13. The night the Elway trade to Denver from the Colts was announced, the Nuggets were playing the Spurs in the NBA playoffs. The local Denver station broke away from the game and covered Elway landing in Denver on the owners plane and his presser. Never saw the end of the playoff game. Nobody cared. None of us fans living in Denver saw that trade coming. Good times.

  14. Many great memories watching Elway pullout victories where defeat was looming. Carried the first 3 SB Teams there on his back, finally had a team built around him and won 2.

  15. My favorite athlete ever, happy birthday John Elway! Have yet to see any QB who could do ALL the things you did on the field as well as you did!

  16. nfloracle says:
    June 28, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Elway was great fun to watch, back in the day. I still have an image of him cartwheeling into the endzone during the SuperBowl. It was obvious then that he was going to win that game.

    Better get that memory checked.. Wasn’t into the EZ.

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