Mississippi changes state flag amid pressure from football world

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In one of the clearest signs yet that sports figures who choose not to stick to sports can make a big difference in their communities, Mississippi has decided to change its state flag after intense pressure that came largely from the football world.

The decision to take the Confederate flag out of the Mississippi flag was approved by the state legislature today, and the governor has said he will sign the bill into law.

Pressure from the football world was most notable from Kylin Hill, Mississippi State’s star running back, who said he wouldn’t play in his home state again if the flag didn’t change. Pressure also came from Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, Mississippi State coach Mike Leach, and the SEC, the conference that both Ole Miss and Mississippi State play in.

Hill in particular should be commended as a young man who decided to use his platform to affect change, and who saw change come quickly. Other football players may also feel emboldened by seeing how effective Hill was in saying he had priorities beyond football.

16 responses to “Mississippi changes state flag amid pressure from football world

  1. Once history is erased, can anyone say what they want about it and not be called racist or bigoted?

  2. But you were cool with it when you signed with the school, you were cool with it this time last year, or even 6 months ago. Where was everybody then

  3. I love all of this change…finally! Our kids and grandkids can be proud of us for owing our mistakes and trying to rectify the institutional privileges. This is a GREAT COUNRY but it was built on the backs of marginalized groups. It’s time for the reckoning.

  4. I am sure the president is upset that “history is being erased” but this is a win for civilization.

  5. When athletes (once refered to as dumb jocks most who have been spoiled and allowed to get away with almost everything because of athletic ability) and celebrates (all treated as God’s most barley graduated high school) become the people who influence us and are the voice of reason sad days are a head there was a movie made about it called Idiocracy

  6. Thank the lord above that old boomer racism is being snuffed out one institution at a time. Good job, millennials.

  7. In the meantime babies and children in Chicago are being killed by gunfire. A flag is just a decorated rag compared to a toddler being gunned down in his car seat.

  8. What’s being erased is that garbage loosely known as “The Lost Cause”, complete with “happy slaves” in the Old South, heroic Confederates defending their homes and “States Rights”. And corrupt Yankee Carpet Baggers with their black puppets repressing a race of defeated, but proud and righteous, Southerners.
    This nonsense was spread by people like Jubal Early and Wade Hampton in the 1870s, W. D Griffith early in the 20th century, and George Wallace and Bull Connor in my life time.
    Not to mention our current president and all those “good people” on his side.

  9. “stubborndata says: June 28, 2020 at 8:28 pm Thank the lord above that old boomer racism is being snuffed out one institution at a time. Good job, millennials.”

    You’re just another guy who paints everyone with the same brush, generalize every group by the behavior of a few. Snicker. So you know every single Boomer? And they are all racist? And millenials are perfect? Go lay down.

  10. Take a look on a reservation or the lands that were allocated to the native Americans. This was ACTIVATELY done by the U.S.government, not just turning a blind eye to it. This is where attention needs to be given to ground level correction needs to be first focused.

  11. now lets see those sports figures from the football world put intense pressure of the Washington franchise/Lil Danny…

  12. Should Mississippi have to change it’s name from the Rebels?
    Everyone knows that’s what Confederate soldiers were called and that’s what it refers to.

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