Bill Belichick has always been high on Cam Newton

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Maybe it’s just because he’s never beaten him.

Or maybe it’s because when well, Cam Newton‘s one of the most difficult puzzles to solve in the NFL.

Either way, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has always had a high regard for the former MVP quarterback, whom he picked up on the cheap Sunday night.

“When you’re talking about mobile quarterbacks, guys that are tough to handle, tackle, can throw, run, make good decisions — I mean, I would put Newton at the top the list,” Belichick said in 2017, via Mike Reiss of “Not saying that there aren’t a lot of other good players that do that, but I would say, of all the guys we play or have played recently in the last couple of years, he’s the hardest guy to deal with. He makes good decisions, he can run, he’s strong, he’s hard to tackle. He can do a lot of different things, beat you in a lot of different ways. We saw that in the game down there in ’13, so I would put him at the top of the list.

“Not saying the other guys aren’t a problem, because they are, but he’s public enemy No. 1.”

The Patriots lost both those games to the Panthers. In those two meetings. Newton was 41-of-57 (71.9 percent), for 525 yards with six touchdowns and one interception.

How healthy he proves to be after last year’s foot injury and the previous shoulder problems will determine how successful a gamble it is. But for a coach who loves to buy scratch-and-dent items and polish them up, the value is obvious.

15 responses to “Bill Belichick has always been high on Cam Newton

  1. Not sure he can stay healthy but at league minimum there’s not much downside to this. If he can then look out!

  2. “He’s a good runner, strong runner, very strong, good thrower, mobile in the pocket, smart player, can do a lot of different things. You certainly have to be aware of him.” Bill Belichick, describing Tim Tebow before a Jets game when Tebow was the backup QB.

    Saying Newton’s the number 1 mobile QB is more of a compliment yes, but I wouldn’t look too deeply into Belichick’s past public praise of future opponents. He has praise for everyone at least to an extent.

  3. To be fair, Belichick has always been high on every opponent, with the exception of Freddie Mitchell.

  4. BB pumps uo the opposition no matter who it is, it could be Leaf, and he’d say something similar. It’s to minimize his own teams compacency or over confidence, it really has little bearing on whomever he is talking about

  5. Anyone with half a football mind knows he is a great player when healthy. I never thought the Pats where going to end up with Stidham or who ever as their QB.

  6. Coach Bill Knows what it takes to win…

    3 QB’s on the roaster for under 5 Million.

    If Cam plays and has a great year you can franchise him or let him walk and take the 3 rd. compensatory pick Getting back the NFL took) and enter into the 2021 Draft looking for a new QB

    If Jarrett Stidham does beat out Cam what have you lost??? 1.5 Million

    In Bill we trust….

  7. BB always butters up an opponent. You have to get what he says in priivate to know.

    Any run based qb is an issue.

    Unless Thuney is dealt, Newton doesn’t even make the team and is only camp fodder. It’s just that simple. NE is 650K left up against the cap.

  8. ya sure he has always been high on him….lol!!!!

    He would have signed him sooner if he was so “high on him”

  9. Here’s hoping this union leads to a designer brand of sleeveless hoodies on the podium post game

  10. Let’s see how high he is after Cam plays in a game for him. I can’t wait to see BB go postal on Cam on the sidelines and see how Cam reacts. I will be surprised if he finishes the season with them.

  11. True but when you talk about players with not a lot of heart Cam is also near the top of the list.

  12. Is that shoulder hamberger or ground chuck? Returning from shoulder surgery never is 100%.

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