Bills will refund Canadian ticket holders if border crossings aren’t allowed

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Among the many highly unusual aspects of this pandemic-affected NFL season will be whether fans from other countries are able to get into the United States, or whether border restrictions make that impossible. The Bills are ready to accommodate those fans.

According to the Toronto Sun, the Bills have told Canadian ticket buyers that, should international bridge crossings remain closed for any games this season, the team will refund the fans’ money. The Bills are the first NFL team known to have reached out to their Canadian fans with that offer.

The Bills have an estimated 8,000 season-ticket holders who live in Canada, by far the most of any team. The Seahawks are next at 3,100 tickets, followed by the Lions at 1,314 tickets. The Browns and Steelers both have a few hundred season-ticket holders from Canada.

Although they’ve stopped playing home games in Toronto, the Bills still consider the Toronto market an important part of their fan base, and they’re doing what they can to accommodate those fans in this most unusual season.

4 responses to “Bills will refund Canadian ticket holders if border crossings aren’t allowed

  1. Surprised they are going to do that. I would have first guessed that they try convincing season ticket holders to apply it to the 2021 season while offering some kind of perk. You know, just to have $$$ still in their accounts.

  2. No surprise at all here, as far as I’m concerned as a Bills fan. I couldn’t fathom any sort of wool being pulled over a single set of eyes belonging to any of the thousands of fans loyal enough to literally cross into another country to see the Buffalo Bills play. While I’m disappointed with the circumstances, as are just about all football fans, I am glad to see that the loyalty goes both way in this case.

  3. Knowing Kim Pegula, the payment from the Canadians for tickets was in US dollars but will be returned 1 for 1 in Canadian currency. Ouch

  4. I’m sure Canadian fans will have the option to either take the refund or consider their 2021 tickets paid for. And with U.S. COVID cases increasing again, the odds of those borders reopening are slim.

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