Cam Newton moves into Top 10 in MVP odds

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Cam Newton has gone from unemployed to decent odds to win the league’s Most Valuable Player award.

In the latest odds at MGM, Newton is at +2500 to win MVP for the 2020 regular season. That ties him for the ninth-best MVP odds with Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray.

Now that Newton is signing with the Patriots, he’s a tempting bet for league MVP. New England is always in contention, and Newton is the favorite to win their starting job.

If Newton does win league MVP, he’ll join Peyton Manning as the only players to win league MVP with two different teams. Manning won MVP four times with the Colts and once with the Broncos. Newton won MVP in 2015 with the Panthers.

The players with shorter odds than Newton for league MVP are Patrick Mahomes at +375, Russell Wilson at +600, Lamar Jackson at +600, Dak Prescott at +1200, Drew Brees at +1600, Tom Brady at +1600, Deshaun Watson at +1700 and Carson Wentz at +1700.

33 responses to “Cam Newton moves into Top 10 in MVP odds

  1. It’s a nice story but should Cam win the starting job he’s not exactly throwing the ball to world class talent. He’s got a 34 yr old beat-up Julian Edelman? Mohamed Sanu? A talented but clueless N’keal Harry?

  2. Outrageous. washed up qb joins a washed up patriots team, and suddenly he’s a contender for league MVP? not happening.

  3. Tom Brady at +1600 is hilarious. There is ZERO chance Tom Brady wins MVP in Tampa at 43 years old. ZERO!

    I realize he won it 3 years ago at 40. That was 3 years ago. Not happening at 43 with a new team.

  4. Hello, Las Vegas? Yes, Id’ like to bet my life savings on Cam Newton NOT winning MVP this year. Thank you.

  5. Less than two months to learn the new system. Prove that injuries have healed (both Cam & his new receiving corps). Can he even beat out Stidham? TBD… I’d save my money, or even better, donate it to a worthy charity.

  6. What some may have missed is that Las Vegas is not setting the odds. It’s the dreamers in New England betting the money.

  7. Yikes…granted when healthy Cam is a wayyyyy better QB than Trubisky…but this is almost as nuts as last year when Vegas had huge $$ rolling in on Trubisky as an MVP contender.

  8. This will certainly be the pot calling the kettle black (thanks Jameis), but as a Bucs fan, I’ve gotten to watch Cam for many years, and the guy is simply not accurate. He misses guys short to intermediate regularly, and puts way too much velocity on the ball. Not to mention, he pouts at all time. Don’t see what the Pats are doing here.

  9. MVP for Cam “me-first” Newton? Laughable. What are the odds that Cam is benched by week 8?

  10. It’s not like Newton had great weapons in Carolina either. Carolina’s 15-1 team, on offense, was basically Newton, Olsen and not much else. Ted Ginn Jr. was his top receiver and Jonathan Stewart was the starting RB. The #2 receiver that year was Jerricho Cotchery…remember him? Me neither.

  11. That doesn’t make much sense. Coach Rivera knows Cam better than anyone. He surveyed the scene and concluded (correctly) that burgeoning star Dwayne Haskins was a better quarterback and thus passed on Cam. Doesn’t that mean Dwayne should be at least 10th on the MVP list (he is exponentially better than Murray or Wentz but that is a discussion for another day.)

  12. Brady looked pedestrian in that offence. No-more-run Cam will look worse. It’s doubtful he beats out Stidham.

  13. I dont get the MVP hype here, maybe Comeback of the year but not this..
    Can a long-time Panthers fan explain why now and here he’s MVP worthy?

  14. Sorry, Cam. You’re good, but this year will belong to “the Man in Minnesota”. Kirk Cousins will win MVP and probably OPOY as well.

  15. The Pats are loaded on the OL, RB and now WR with both Harry and Meyers flashing last year with a belligerent Brady refusing to use them, caring only about stats for ego, ruining management and playcalling within a game and Stidham being many stepas ahead of Newton right now is still an advantage. Anyone betting on Newton being a starter Week 1 is a moron.

    It’s an open competition and I don’t see Stidham looking worse than last years just because he missed a camp in June. It hurt him
    like it does all qbs, especially ones changing teams, but Newton isn’t an elixir or a slam dunk to start because of his name. He’s there to compete and to push Stidham in case Stidham slips up.

  16. Cam loses six games in a row and then is put on IR for the last two games of the 2018 season. He then loses the first three games of the 2019 season and is once again put on IR needing surgery. Cam then signs with the Patriots and is now top 10 in MVP odds?

  17. So I guess Stidham is now the backup QB? Come on guys, calm down and let Stidham prove himself. If he can’t, Newton is ready to come in.

  18. LOL, Patriots O-linemen have been used to holding only 3 seconds, now they have to hold 5+ seconds.

  19. William Lee says:
    June 29, 2020 at 5:05 pm
    LOL, Patriots O-linemen have been used to holding only 3 seconds, now they have to hold 5+ seconds.


    Excellent point. Brady had one of the fastest releases in the league. The line is going to have to work alot harder this year.

  20. Cam will be out of New England before he has time to grab his first “Lobsta Roll”

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