NFLPA requires agents to advise players on risks of COVID-19

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The NFL Players Association has tried to get the message directly to all players about the risks of working out during a pandemic. It didn’t take.

Now, the NFLPA wants the agents to hammer home a much broader point: They each need to talk to their doctors about the risks of playing in a pandemic.

To that end, the union has directed all agents “to provide each of your clients with important risk factor information provided by the Centers for Disease Control . . . and by mid-July, you must engage each of your clients in a conversation about the vital importance of carefully reviewing this information with their personal physician,” via Tom Pelissero of NFL Media.

The union also wants agents to advise players to discuss risk factors in light of their personal medical history and their employment with their own physicians, and with team doctors.

“We want each player to be fully informed about his personal medical information as he makes decisions about returning to play in the league and throughout the course of the season; proactive engagement in this matter will help players achieve that goal,” the memo explains.

This implies that players will indeed have the ability to opt out for COVID-19 reasons. It’s a necessary, albeit unprecedented, step.

5 responses to “NFLPA requires agents to advise players on risks of COVID-19

  1. But whatever you do, keep that brain injury stuff on the down low. They don’t need to be knowing about that.

  2. Even if they think this is for the ‘greater good’ I think we are approaching invading an individual’s right to make their own health decisions. I get that they may get the virus and spread it but could it be the players practicing the bubble group that officials have stated are okay to gather with?

  3. There will be no season. I know everyone is pushing because of all the money on the line.

    Not being negative, just being real. I’m hoping for a solid 2021 seasons with full stadiums and a vaccine, but 2020 is dead in the water.

    Am I alone?

  4. Most NFL players are young of course, and young people tend to think that they are immortal. Many new infections are happening around the country among young people, and many of them interviewed said they were not concerned about the virus. Some of them have changed their minds, however, but they did that after they got infected. Then they try to warn others of the danger, but unfortunately such advice will also fall on deaf ears. As Alanis Morissette sang a quarter of a century ago, when she was young, “it’s the goood advice that you just didn’t take…Isn’t it ironic?”

  5. We wouldn’t want grown men making informed decisions about their own safety and well being so we thought we’d throw our own two cents in there

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