Norv Turner told Bill Belichick that Cam Newton can still play

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To longtime offensive coordinator Norv Turner, it was so obvious.

As the last guy to call plays for Cam Newton when he was anything approaching healthy, the veteran assistant saw New England as the perfect fit, and he told coach Bill Belichick so.

Turner told Albert Breer of that he spoke with Belichick about Newton earlier this offseason, and gave his full endorsement.

“My whole deal is, when Cam was healthy, and we were there with him [in 2018], we were 6–2,” Turner said. “Just look at the tape—played his ass off. His issue was more health than anything else, and from what I understand, I don’t think these are health issues that he can’t overcome. He’s had the time off now. I think he’ll be great.”

Those health issues are still significant. A foot problem wiped out last season, and there’s a bright-line difference in Newton in 2018 before and after a game against the Steelers, when he was whacked on the shoulder and had to be managed the rest of the year.

In those first eight games, it appeared Turner had gotten him back to his 2015 MVP level. Newton was 177-of-263 for 1,893 yards, with 15 touchdowns and just four interceptions. He also had four rushing touchdowns in those first eight games, as Turner found a smart blend of Newton and Christian McCaffrey, and had Newton playing more efficiently than he had previously.

That suggested to him that putting Newton with a coach known for putting players in positions they can flourish makes sense.

“I think it’ll be really good for Cam,” Turner said. “And I think it’ll be good for the Patriots.”

And if anyone has the opportunity to know, it would be Turner.

10 responses to “Norv Turner told Bill Belichick that Cam Newton can still play

  1. I agree and if Cam is healthy, and if Cam buys in, and if Cam puts the team first it’s gonna be epic. Those are all big IFS though, so we’ll see, but one thing is certain. If this thing does take off the haters will lose their cookies this is gonna be fun to watch

  2. Patriots say they are very high on Stidham…………..Said no one with a straight face.

  3. If report is correct, Norv lays out a persuasive case in support of Cam and a good fit with Bill.

  4. If Cam plays the way Brady did, throw the ball in 2.5 seconds, he should do well. Stop running. Stop holding the ball forever and taking hits. The NE system could be great for Cam.

  5. Like always, Belichick playing chess. With that defense and using Newton with the run game they already have, it’s going to be an issue for the rest of the league. Also, he’s played with a cast of no-name receivers his whole career. The guys he plays with with New England probably are an upgrade.

  6. I’m sure Belichick cares A LOT what Norv Turner thinks.
    I mean who wouldn’t?

    It was a good move for the Patriots, with a lot of upside.

    As for Cam, no one else was interested. So he took the best job offer available.

    And … if another teams QB is injured, Belichick can possibly trade Newton for a good draft pick.

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