Report: Browns spoke to Cam Newton, but no offers other than Pats

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The biggest football news of the weekend saw Cam Newton sign with the Patriots after an extended spell as a free agent following his release by the Patriots.

It was also apparently a quiet spell. Newton’s name was thrown out as a possibility for a variety of teams this offseason, but that conversation apparently didn’t spark discussions with too many clubs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that no team other than the Patriots made an offer to Newton after his release. Schefter also named the Browns as the only other team to talk to Newton over the last few months.

Questions about Newton’s foot and right shoulder injuries at a time when he couldn’t visit teams likely helped limit the inquiries he received the last few months. Should the next few months show that those issues aren’t limiting him as a player, there will likely be a few teams wishing they were more aggressive when it came to pursuing the quarterback.

15 responses to “Report: Browns spoke to Cam Newton, but no offers other than Pats

  1. Was he being blackballed or were other teams just not interested in a diva QB with a history of injury?

  2. As a Brown’s fan, why wouldn’t they have a talk with Cam? I hope h e has success in N.E. Brady should give him tips on how to talk to Belicheck.

  3. Why would the Browns want Cam when they have Baker?
    Is there a chance they are losing confidence in Mayfield?

  4. The fact that Cam only got one offer at the minimum speaks volumes. Teams are concerned that he is done and too injury prone.

  5. Cam is gonna start and lead that Pat’s team! Cam is still a top 8 quarterback. I don’t understand why Jacksonville didn’t take a chance? Maybe Belichick doesn’t know himself, did Brady make him a great coach or did he make Brady a great quarterback?

  6. Baker Mayfield may not have known this. Now that he does, it’s another lost season for my beloved Brownies. Sigh.

  7. The limited success that Cam had was based on his ability to run like a fullback, taking huge hits. He’s now too old to do that. I’m surprised that any team wanted him.

  8. Browns probably passed on Cam to keep a roster spot open so they can sign Kaepernick before the other 30 “interested” teams can.

  9. Given when Baker and Cam went head to head in 2018 Baker prevailed, it was not a given Cam would have been a starter. I am not even certain Cam is going to beat Stidham for the starting job. The Denver defense broke Cam.

  10. This is Good for Cam.

    If he is Healthy, he will have a Chip on his shoulder and will compete.

    It will be interesting to see how McDaniels alters the Offense to fit Cam’s skills.

    I am not a big Cam Newton believer at this point, but he can do some things.

    We will see if he can adjust to the Patriots Culture. If not, Bellichik will simply cut him. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

  11. I may be wrong (I ofthen am), but I have seen nothing from Cam in the last few years that would lead me to believe that he can lead the Patriots.

    The Patriots offense is based on very quick decisions, short passing routes, and very little running by the QB. that is the opposite of what Cam did.

  12. So basically, the desperate Pats and the worst franchise in sports history, the Browns, are the only ones to offer contracts…..the rest of the teams turned on the ol’ SB tape and said, “guy wouldnt even try and recover his own fumble when down by 6 with 4 minutes left in the freakin SB!! No thanks, we’ll pass”.

    That play is is the single worst play in SB history and will define Cam’s legacy, not his MVP regular season. Its a shame.


    This is Cam Newton’s legacy, not hiscMVP regular seadonand how he’ll always be temembered, or at least how he should be.

  13. Why in the world would my Browns want to bring in Cam? I think he still has a punchers chance, and will do well in NE, but given all the QB controversies we’ve gone through this has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard.

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