Richard Sherman: Size of Cam Newton’s contract “just ridiculous”

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The Patriots became the first team in league history to lose an MVP and then add another one in the same offseason when they signed Cam Newton on Sunday, but the circumstances of the two MVPs were very different.

Tom Brady left New England for a two-year, $50 million contract with the Buccaneers while Newton waited months to sign an incentive-laden contract that will pay him up to $7.5 million. Newton is coming off a foot injury that limited him to two games last year and he’s also had right shoulder issues of late, but the size of his contract caught the eye of 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman.

“How many former League MVPs have had to sign for the min? (Asking for a friend.) just ridiculous. A transcendent talent and less talented QBs are getting 15/16m a year. Disgusting,” Sherman wrote on Twitter.

Newton is far from the first veteran player to sign a below-market contract when faced with a limited market for his services and the inability to show he was healthy this offseason surely played into the absence of bigger offers. Some of those players have parleyed those deals into bigger ones once they proved they could still play at a high level and that will certainly be the case for Newton if he’s back to good health and performance this year.

71 responses to “Richard Sherman: Size of Cam Newton’s contract “just ridiculous”

  1. Ironic from Richard Sherman, whose self-negotiated contract was widely ridiculed.

    We don’t have to take issue with everything.

  2. Sherman is not stupid, it’s just some of the things he says are! Understand the market for a QB who has been injured and played only 2 games in 2 years, and has been pretty lousy for the last 4, I mean c’mon dude, it truly is not quantum physics, string theory or something that only Sheldon and Hawking understand!

  3. Pats are notorious cheapskates.
    That being said, no one is forcing Cam to sign a lowball contract.

  4. Depends on if you’re paying a guy for past performance or current expectations. Cam could get a nice payday if he plays like an MVP this year.

  5. Richard many are amazed your not giving money back to the niners after the superbowl performance.

  6. That’s the market for him right now…why is that ridiculous? Any of the other 31 teams could have signed him for more money but didn’t. That speaks volumes.

    On the flipside I can point out a whole lotta contracts that are ridiculously too high.

  7. Dalton, Winston, and now Newton have all signed lowball deals this year as an alternative to not playing at all.

    Tannehill did the same thing last year and turned his opportunity into a nine-figure contract.

  8. Wait Richard, your skill set took a big hit last year. Your pay cut is near. It’s the life of a football player. But hey if you’re smart with all the cash you retire in your early 30’s High risk high reward. Cam is no good if he’s hurt all the time.

  9. Have to think big picture.
    Which team would generate the most splash?
    And that team has 5 prime time games?

    Games against Ravens, Chiefs, Seahawks, Niners – and 2 divisional games against the Bills

    I’m half wondering if the NFL and the networks didn’t kick in some of the cash.

  10. How much is a superbowl ring worth? This is probably the best chance he will have to win one. If he does what is his value next year? I’m sure he could have gotten more elsewhere. But does he want to get a deal to go somewhere he can’t compete? He will be worth 5 times as much next year if he gets a ring or deep playoff run this year.

  11. If Kaep would humble himself and take a similar price it deal with no promises about starting, he’d have been signed years ago.

  12. Let me guess, Sherman thinks it’s because Cam is black…has nothing to do with his injuries and career completion percentage under 60% and passer rating of 86..he was an MVP 5 years ago So he “deserves” a huge contract.

  13. Thats the beauty of free markets.
    It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.
    All that matters is what someone is willing to pay, and what someone is willing to work for.

    Personally, I think entertainers (reality show actors, movie stars, singers, etc) are way overpaid. Yet they are paid what they are.

  14. I thought it was taboo to talk about other people’s business. I.E. contracts.

  15. Just to clarify for some that seem to think the Pats are cheap- they spend to the cap nearly every year, so they are spending more than some teams, they just valuate things differently than teams that pay top dollar for 3-5 people and then “cheap out” on the rest of the roster. They have slotted working numbers for how much they can pay for each position, and generally have a much stronger middle class than most teams, this is part of what has made them swuccessful for so many years. So if you would prefer Dak,Cooper and Zeke and another 8-8 campaign, that is your choice, the Pats choose to approach it differently, doesn’t make them cheap just that they choose to create their roster with more strength throughout rather than a few guys. I think the results speak for themselves

  16. Mr. Sherman must not have degreed in finance or economics at Stanford. Doesn’t appear to have grasped “supply and demand” concept. How many guys who were MVPs 5 years ago and have suffered 2-3 major injuries since even get signed?

  17. Ok Richard go compare career stats of Cam Newton vs Andy Dalton. Dalton’s stats are equal to if not a little better than Newton’s. Dalton was on some really bad Bengals teams. And yet Cam is transcendent according to you. Cam contract 7.5 million. Daltons 7 million. What exactly are you trying to say?

  18. Does Richard not know that Cam’s foot still may prevent him from ever playing a down for the Patriots? Were they supposed to sign him to a mega-deal? Come on Richard.🙄

    Until Cam proves he can remain healthy and on the field, it would be ludicrous to sign him to any bigger contract than what the Pats did.

  19. you know Sherman, you are totally allowed to give him your salary as well (after taxes)
    or you can buy your own team and pay him as much as you would like.
    so don’t just complain about the problem, become part of the solution.

  20. Sherm just can’t seem to mind his own business. Cam didn’t have to sign the contract but obviously he thought it was worth it or he wouldn’t have done it. Whatever happened to “don’t talk about other players money”, Sherm?

  21. Sounds like the players need a reality check. This is still just a game you get millions to “play”. If you don’t like it, go get a real job like 99.9% of the rest of us.

  22. For as smart as he claims to be, he clearly missed Econ-101.

    Value is determined by what someone is willing to pay. It’s not determined by a guy who got abused and cost his team a Super Bowl.

  23. Stidham is the likely starter. I am wondering if Stanford just allows underperforming star athletes to graduate.

    Both Elway and Sherman never seem that intelligent to me.

    If he was in higher demand, his price would be higher. Pretty simple.

    At best, he beats out Hoyer and there is no guarantee in that because of how late he is coming in.

    BB wants to create the idea with some truth, that the job won’t be handed to Stidham.

  24. Sherman should spend less time attacking the team who did give him a try and more time on the team that cut him after free agency. THAT was a total disgrace in treating a franchise leading player.

  25. richard sherman was doubted and then he stepped on that field and he proved himself he really dug down deep left it all on that field and he proved himself, now cam newton is down in the dirt but to someone determined thats more like soil, now hes got to water that soil and hes got prove himself , and when you prove yourself next thing you know you got fruit and thats a big contract, just gotta prove yourself

  26. Apparently he has never heard of this thing called a Salary Cap, and apparently he is completely lost to the idea that the Pats have very little of it to spend. Per Over the Cap they only have $1.3mil to spend so tell me where they are supposed to find mega millions for Cam?

  27. no NFL player worth over 10 a year . i hope it the start of the new way of thinking ..

  28. Lol. MVP…right. That was a while ago and his stats from that season are an outlier for his career.

    Cam has been injured, never had back-to-back winning seasons and hasn’t thrown for 4,000 yards since his rookie season.

  29. touchback6 says:
    June 29, 2020 at 12:16 pm
    Stidham is the likely starter. I am wondering if Stanford just allows underperforming star athletes to graduate.


    What is Stidham being the likely starter based on? He’s 2/4 for 11 yds in regular season play. He had one preseason where he looked alright, but there have been tons of guys that look good in the preseason against backups and then don’t pan out. I’m not at all saying be a good QB one day, but I do not get why people can be so confidently optimistic on him at this point.

    Not sure how Cam Newton will look coming off his injury, but at worst, can’t see how it’s 50/50 one more likely being named starter over the other. If Stidham wins the starter job right off the bat (assuming the season won’t be canned), says as much about Newton being washed up at this point as it does about Stidham given his complete inexperience.

  30. Can has a tremendous upside when healthy but unfortunately, his body is made out of Balsa wood.

  31. The Pats basically gave Cam Newton the rest of their cap and possibly 5 million in bonuses next year. It would have been hard to give him more, especially guaranteed.

    I do agree though – why weren’t a few others teams willing to give him this kind of money? No one wanted to guarantee 7.5 million? This will be interesting.

  32. Slow-motion Sherman should have resigned for the league minimum after he got torched in the SB LOL

  33. Every year we’re seeing 2-3 QB’s come out of college, be drafted top 10, and be handed the starting job. The QB’s that have been in the league awhile, have gotten hurt, and have a mixed record, though their talent may have been obvious before all that, are going to be relegated to second tier, or early retirement because those draft choices are grabbing 10 percent of the starting jobs every year. Any such QB faced with no market for his talent and looking at sitting out or being what he never was before, a backup, would be insane not to take a minimum salary with a shot at being the starting QB for a team such as the Pats.

  34. The real question is Can you trust Cam to come in “ready to play” 16 games? and lead a team.

  35. Cam made plenty of money in his career. He obviously took this contract so he can prove himself. If he succeeds, he is setting himself up for a big, big payday next year.

    On the other hand, Kap is asking for 20 million a year.

  36. Sherman should spend less time attacking the team who did give him a try and more time on the team that cut him after free agency. That was a total disgrace in how a team treats a franchise leading player.

  37. Cam’s making a lot more than the zero income he had yesterday. It takes two to sign a contract.

  38. Life Hard Truth: One’s financial worth is what one is offered and accepts. If you disagree, discuss it with Cam…he’s the one who accepted the offer.

  39. Cam Newton is a 1 year rental. They wont franchise him next year and pay 34 million for a QB, thats not the Belichick way. In order for Cam to sign a longer term contract with the Patriots, Cam must: 1)win the starting job 2)perform well with no injuries AND 3) be willing to sign a team-friendly extension in the 20-something million range even though he is a free agent and will get better offers from worse teams. Otherwise, the will Patriots let him go to free agency and receive a 3rd round compensatory pick.

  40. For those who want to use Cam’s injuries as an excuse for him being grossly underpaid. I don’t remember Sam Bradford ever having to take the league minimum?

  41. Cam didn’t have any leverage at all and then you add to it he signed with the Pats, so he got the contract he could.

  42. Newton played poorly last year. Moreover, no one is making Newton sign the contract. If there was a market for his services, then there would have been competition to sign him and, consequently, he would have been offered more money.

  43. Picture this:

    Cam BALLS OUT for 10 games putting them into playoff contention. This satisfies the requirement for a contract year.

    Cam SITS OUT (or threatens to…or “gets injured”). It’s a disease that’s cured with Benjamins.

    Kraft either opens up the pocket book or risks missing/losing playoffs.

    Cam “proves it” and is a free agent the next year…maybe gets a justified extension or performance bonus.

  44. Got bunch guys congratulating Cam signing then of course Sherman gotta whine and moan about it .

  45. Sherman is really brave ,speaking out for spoiled multi millionaires ,this is such a brave stance !

  46. Cam could always have chosen to not sign, continued to sit, and made a grand total of $0. If he still has it he’ll be getting a payday somewhere next year in any case.

  47. First, Newton signed the contract of his own free will, no one forced it on him.
    Second, Sherman has been overpaid for most of his career, so I guess the universe is evening things out.

  48. The entitlement of some of these players is shocking. Wait until they kneel and then have to take less money cause 1/3 rd of the fan base stops watching. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  49. Many pro ballplayers, like Mr. Sherman have used the market-based system to their advantage. He got more money at his age than his age and declining pay was worth. But, he got the money that was his market at the time he signed however. Sherman was signed for his market. Nothing wrong.

    Newton has a certain market, given many factors such as recent injury and available open jobs. Newton’s market was based on sit out of football or take this offer. Newton was signed to his market.

    It’s not wrong, just the way market based systems work. Some are loud and overpaid with not a lot of circumstance working against them so the market makes them, when you look back, possibly overpaid and they don’t have to pay it back; the upside of market based systems.

    Some have some things like recent injury and little job availability working against them; the downside of a market based system. (even though some with a current market working against them had earlier benefited from the same market system, one that pays millions in signing bonus before even stepping into the workplace)

    Life is good when it works both ways. The NFL is a market based system, for better or for worse. The alternative is everyone is paid the same no matter what.

    It begs a simple question: Is the NFL having a market based system unfair?

  50. Yes Sherman he should have sat out, refused the contract Then sue the NFL for collusion for no one signing him

  51. When was the last time the Patriots paid top shelf money for a player? I suppose we could say Gilmore, but that’s kind of the exception to the rule there, isn’t it?

    If Sherman is saying that it’s mind boggling that a former MVP and Superbowl QB didn’t have a bigger market, I could agree. But given the circumstances around this signing (Cam’s injury history and how the Panthers waited until the last possible second to release him), it is not surprising that Newton signed for so little so late. It was a bad market, and he got a bad offer. But it was just that-an offer. Newton took it of his own volition, even if he possibly deserved more.

    The real impediment honestly is his health. His shoulder did not seem right in his last start (though they reported his foot injury, his accuracy on wide open passes that he normally hit was far off). He had the foot injury as well. Given that doctors could not examine him for the team during the offseason, there was too much uncertainty to give him a big deal. Clowney got the same treatment coming off a surgery with an injury history. It’s not fair, but you also cannot as a team justify a huge contract without certainty from your staff on the decision. As I said before, the Panthers did not help Newton by waiting to release him after the market had mostly died. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but it’s not really the Patriots’ fault for making the offer that they did. Some of it is Newton’s injury history, more of it is COVID, and even more arguably is the Panthers. But the offer that he took is really what we should have expected.

  52. Isn’t Cam’s deal almost exactly the same as Ryan Tannehill’s deal with the Titans last year? Tannehill was totally healthy and Cam is not. Tannehill’s play allowed him to become very well paid, after the season was over…Cam can’t earn the same type of money?? I don’t understand Sherman’s complaint…

  53. For those who want to use Cam’s injuries as an excuse for him being grossly underpaid. I don’t remember Sam Bradford ever having to take the league minimum?
    yeah you’re right, cause they paid him nothing at all, out of the league at age 31

  54. Only pro athletes can whine that $7.5 million is chump change. That would amount to around $187,000.00 per year over a 40 year career. 99% of the world would take that and be happy.

  55. You can tell Sherman is holding his tongue and wants to blame Cam Newton’s low ball contract on Racism and Newton being black. What Sherman leaves out is the fact Newton is coming off of multiple serious injuries and has been dealing with multiple injuries the last 2 years after playing a very physical brand of football over the last 10yrs. Sherman also leaves out the fact that there was no market for Cam Newton, I mean there is a reason why Cam Newton signed the contract and that’s because it was THE BEST OFFER he had on the table. No free agent QB’s really got paid this off-season, look at what Andy Dalton signed for, he got a little more but he is not coming off multiple injuries. Sherman should educate himself on the concept of supply and demand, the QB market is flush with a ton of young QB’s with a bunch of teams having drafted young franchise QB’s over the last 3 years or so which has really transformed the league, the market for a 31 year old running QB who has taken a beating over the last 10yrs and who is coming off multiple significant injuries just wasn’t there, which is why he signed a low ball incentive laden deal. Newton being black had nothing to do with his low ball contract offer.

  56. When in doubt, even when there is no doubt, throw the card out there. Works in this day and age.

  57. Didn’t he say the same thing about Russell Wilson’s $30 million contract when he was playing with him?

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