Some teams may not bring rookies in early

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When discussing the current timeline for the launch of training camp during last week’s conference call following an ownership meeting via video, it was mentioned that teams will have the ability to bring rookies in a few days before July 28, when all camps will open. Not all teams may take advantage of the opportunity to bring rookies in early, however.

Per a league source, at least one team plans to not bring rookies in early, because that team will be doing all it can to get preparations in place for training camp. Other teams may be in the same spot, sacrificing a few extra days with rookies for ensuring that everything will be ready to go when camp opens.

On one hand, it makes sense. On the other hand, the willingness of teams who have spent zero time with their rookies to willingly sacrifice the chance to spend time with their rookies before the rest of the team shows up demonstrates the gravity of the current situation.