Betting odds have Cam Newton a big favorite to win Patriots’ starting job

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Although the Patriots will have a quarterback competition in training camp, few think anyone other than Cam Newton will win it.

Newton is the clear favorite to start Week One for the Patriots at DraftKings Sportsbook: Newton is a -400 favorite, Jarrett Stidham is at +300, and Brian Hoyer is a distant third at +2500.

The big question for Newton is whether he can stay healthy. Last year he played in only two games, and the year before he was struggling through injuries for much of the season. If he isn’t healthy heading into September, that opens the door to Stidham or Hoyer.

But if he’s healthy, it’s awfully hard to believe the former league MVP would be beaten out by Stidham or Hoyer. This looks like Newton’s job.

3 responses to “Betting odds have Cam Newton a big favorite to win Patriots’ starting job

  1. The Patriots had the luxury of having Tom Brady last year. He was good at getting rid of the ball fast. That has never been one of Cam’s strong points. He’s either going to take a lot of hits (which means he’ll get injured) or he’ll throw a lot of INTs (which means he’ll get benched).

    Where did all the talk go about how they were happy with Stidham. Now they have him losing his job to Cam, an oft-injured guy who relies on his athletic abilities instead who is past his prime. If this is the Patriots QB then they are in big trouble.

  2. Obviously the pendulum’s swung too far over to the “Newton’s going to be the best thing ever” train (e.g., him being given Top 10 MVP favorite odds) and that’ll correct itself in time, but makes sense he’d be the favorite to win the starting job in NE as of now.

    Stidham may go on to be a good QB in time, but no way anyone can know that right now based off his experience. Made no sense for people to claim he’d be the incumbent starter after Newton signed.

  3. Isn’t that the best scenario?

    Cam comes in and wins 4 or 5 games, then gets hurt and allows Stidham to take over?

    I honestly think the first 6 games with the Seahawks, Chiefs and 49ers is a rough start for any QB, let alone a year 2 4th round pick starting his first games replacing the GOAT.

    The pressure on Stidham replacing an injured Cam Newton mid season is easier to digest than the pressure of facing both Super Bowl participants in your first 6 games.

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