Chris Jones suggests he won’t play without a long-term deal with Chiefs

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With the deadline for signing a long-term deal while on the franchise tag just over two weeks away, Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones may be trying to assert some leverage into negotiations.

In a reply via his Twitter account to a segment from the NFL Network discussing his contract situation, Jones said that he won’t play in 2020 if he doesn’t get a long-term deal from the Chiefs.

Le'Veon Bell sat out the entire 2018 after the Pittsburgh Steelers used the franchise tag on him for a second consecutive season. The Steelers did not use the tag again on Bell last year and he signed a free agent deal with the New York Jets instead.

Jones doesn’t appear to be particularly close to reaching a deal with the Chiefs at the moment. The franchise tag tender for Jones is worth $16.1 million for the upcoming year. Jones has posted 24.5 sacks combined over the last two seasons for Kansas City with career-high 15.5 sacks coming in 2018.

The top of the defensive tackle market sits with Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams and DeForest Buckner of the Indianapolis Colts. Donald is the second-highest paid defensive player in the game at $22.5 million a year on average, which trails only Khalil Mack of the Chicago Bears. Buckner’s new deal with the Colts following a trade this offseason is worth $21 million a year on average.

Jones has more sacks (33) than Buckner does (28.5) over the last four years and would likely view himself as being worth at least in the same neighborhood from a contract standpoint.

The Chiefs also have to figure out a long-term deal for Patrick Mahomes as well and that could be factoring into Jones’ situation as well.

While there are differences between Jones’ and Bell’s situations, Jones stating he won’t play without a new deal from the Chiefs is at the very least an attempt to leverage the negotiations a bit more in his favor.

42 responses to “Chris Jones suggests he won’t play without a long-term deal with Chiefs

  1. Did Bell also tell him the part about losing an entire season’s pay that can never be regained, then signing a new deal for less than what his old team had offered him, and the little detail about what the new CBA does for holdouts?

  2. Just a lot of chest thumping, he will play this year under the franchise tag or the Chiefs will trade him.

  3. News flash Chris.. you aren’t playing and arent getting paid this year regardless. Save you grievance for 2021.

  4. why wouldn’t he? The Chiefs blew it by overpaying for
    Clark, Mathieu and Watkins. It will be a long way down for them
    once Mahomes gets the 40 mil per. Good thing Boger showed up for

  5. He’s only 25 and arguably as disruptive as any defensive lineman in the league. I could see an impulsive team like the Browns or Skins throwing two first round picks out for a guy of his talent level if the Chiefs don’t want to sign him long term. It wouldn’t be a bad deal for either side.

  6. Stats say his best career numbers are getting behind him. I’m ok letting him sit if he choices and walking. The chiefs already got the best of Chris Jones but the best of Mahomes stats are still ahead. This is a no brainer….

  7. Chris has earned it but I’m hoping we either get a deal done or a couple 1st round picks. At least a 1 & 2.

    I want him a Chief but I don’t see how KC can pay him what he’s earned.

  8. @LeVeonBell lost out on 14 million a year on that contract he turned down from the steelers. Now he’s making 12 a year. Not too sure I’d take his advice Chris.

  9. At this point you let him go via trade. You’re going to get a first round pick probably or a 2nd and 3rd probably. You can’t have Mahomes, Jones, Mathieu, Kelce, Hill etc all being the highest or top 5 paid players in the league and still fill out a winning team behind them.

  10. Cut him and tell him to get an essential job that directly helps his community!

  11. Leveon may not admit it today, but sitting out and ultimately leaving the Steelers was the worst mistake he may ever make, definitely in his football career. He didn’t get what he was after and he is now mired on a bad team with a terrible, miserably bad head coach that doesn’t want him. He was on track to be a HOF all-time great dual-threat RB and now he’ll be a footnote, a cautionary tale about players trying to flip the script on ownership. His efforts were admirable for his fellow players but ultimately his bluff was called and the rest did not fall his way at all. I guess Chris Jones missed the ending.

  12. And it begins. Once Mahomes is up for a contract, KC will have enough cap space to get something off the Dollar Menu.

  13. If it wasn’t for the uncertainty of how Covid 19 effects revenue and therefore salary caps I think they would of already traded him. Nobody wants to deal with large long term deals right now though so there we are.

  14. Go get paid Chris. Thank you for winning the trophy regardless of where this goes.

  15. Chris Jones was the biggest factor against the 9ER offense. They wouldn’t of won that super bowl if he wasn’t on the field. Mahomes be damn.

  16. Pretty much seems the norm in NFL and NBA these days. Don’t get your way? Just make as much trouble and noise to the sympathetic media as possible. The NBA superstars engineer super teams and pretty much dismiss weak commissioner. NFL players say they will sit out if they don’t get what they want. Owners should just let them sit out no pay. All this BS about playing for slave owners is the stupidest statement ever and a slap in the face to those who actually lived through slavery. I really doubt you’d find any former slave or descendent who would question how the hell do I live on only 10+ million a year salary. Not to mention the other numerous perks. Just sickening.

  17. I won’t play for $15 million a year, because I have another offer that pays me more than that to do something else… Hold on while I find that other thing thats gonna provide me more money…I have it here somewhere… hold on it’s here I know it is I just have to find it… I’ll be right with you

  18. Can’t really compare this to Bells’ situation. RB is a position most teams feel doesn’t require high grade talent to be effective. A DT that can be a disruptive force on the line is desired amoung all teams.

  19. Many of us Chiefs fans are okay with trading Jones. Reality is that you can’t pay Frank Clark AND Chris Jones $20 million per, AND pay Mahomes. It is what it is.

  20. Trade him. Defensive tackles are big time in next years draft. The guy from LSU is a monster.

  21. touchback6 says:
    June 30, 2020 at 11:50 pm
    why wouldn’t he? The Chiefs blew it by overpaying for
    Clark, Mathieu and Watkins.
    Sorry, we were putting on our new Super Bowl Champion rings and didn’t catch what you said.

  22. Paying a defensive tackle 20M a year is total stupidity. I love Jones, I’ll miss him. But we’ve seen them make these horrible mistakes before, like giving Justin Houston and Eric Berry HUGE contracts and those players never coming close to living up to the dollar amounts. Hopefully they learned and will never overpay another defensive player again.

  23. As much as I would have wanted this to work, it simply can’t with Mahomes’ contract on the horizon. This is as sure a sign as any to avoid a Leveon Bell scenario and just get what you can for him (which should be a veritable fortune given his stats and a Super Bowl victory).

  24. I don’t think Le’Veon Bell misses that $14 million with all the guaranteed money he’s getting in New York. People think these players are much broker than they are. I don’t think Bell’s hurting at all from that decision. He set a great precedent as a negotiator, and got the the long-term deal he coveted.

  25. Across all sports, these athletes are getting absurd amounts of money. Any time a star player comes up for a new contract, he sets the bar even higher than it was before – this has been the case since the onset of free agency and the salary cap.

    In the NFL, the 2020 cap is at an all-time high, so expect the annual value of player contracts to be at an all-time high as well. The market for DT is $22 million annually. You can expect Jones and his agent want to be at or near that mark. Anything else, given the circumstances mentioned above, would be a slap in the face.

    And while you or I would happily play for a fraction of that amount, the reality is that only a small percentage of people on this planet possess the ability to do what these athletes can do. You or I have never, and will never, come close to falling into that percentage.

    The Chiefs have two options with Jones: pay him or trade him. I would imagine paying him might be tough since they have a few large contracts already on their books and need to save enough money – an unprecedented amount that could exceed $40 million annually – for Mahomes. So what is his trade value? He’s just 25 and plays a position where he can play for another 10 years if he takes care of himself. I would say at least a first and another pick, if not two firsts. Keep in mind the new team will also need to have the capability of paying him north of $20 million a year. Either way, Jones is in a much more favorable position than Bell/Gordon were, because running back is the lowest valued position group in the NFL and pass rusher is among the highest.

  26. Every time a tagged guy threatens to hold out people start screaming “trade him!” But no trade can proceed until the player signs his tag sheet, which he most likely won’t do until his team finds a trade partner he’s willing to play for, with the parameters of a long-term contract to his liking already in place.
    Sometimes a guy wants to get away from a certain team so bad he’ll accept a trade to certain teams without a new deal, but even then he has a say in where he will or won’t go. Unless it can find a desperate trading partner, the team’s only real options are to cave and pay him, cave and let him walk for much less than he’s worth, or stand its ground and let him sit out a season.
    The problem with trading FOR a high-profile tagged player is you’ll likely pay a very steep price in draft picks and/or players just for the rights to negotiate with him. Then you have to give him the mega-deal he wanted from his old team, or he won’t agree to play for you either.
    Chris Jones is a very good player who’s still in his prime. But is a defensive tackle really worth giving up at least two high picks AND $20 million a season — a contact that will likely play havoc with your salary structure and ability to sign or re-sign other top players? Somebody will have to make that decision.

  27. Also take into account where KC is at right now. They have Hill, Kelce and Watkins under contract (who is expendable), as well as Fisher on the line.

    They probably did overpay for Frank Clark, but at the same time they can renegotiate him or trade him as well if they had to save money for Mahomes. Matheiu is much more critical to the defense than Clark.

  28. youngnoize says:
    July 1, 2020 at 9:59 am

    I don’t think Le’Veon Bell misses that $14 million with all the guaranteed money he’s getting in New York. I don’t think Bell’s hurting at all from that decision. He set a great precedent as a negotiator, and got the the long-term deal he coveted.


    He got less money than the Steelers were already offering him, and has now become irrelevant in the league, mediocre performer on a non-contender of a team. He cashed in but any further career prospects are sunk.

  29. The Chiefs have some tough cap decisions facing them. Most SB Champions do. But they still have last season’s Lombardi, which is nice.

  30. It will be interesting to see how they manage the cap with the pending Mahomes contract and a cap reduction likely for 2021. What the hell, they already got one trophy.

  31. I’m sorry but this has to go down as one of the WORST decisions by an agent/player if it does go down. Someone needs to remind them the Chiefs were one offside penalty from getting to Mahomes 2nd Superbowl in his young Career, And that was with an all round defense that was Rank 31st.

    This past season the defense were Rank 17th which also saw them rank 26th against the Rush.

    Memo to players!! if you threatening to hold out just make sure its not on a team that has a TALENT of a Patrick Mahomes. I can make a case that an O-lineman who can give Mahomes that extra second or 2 brings more value than a Chris Jones ever will.

    Thats why moving forward the only thing Chiefs Management should ever concern themselves about is the PROTECTION around Mahomes. I know with him rolling out he does give himself extra time but you could never have enough time in this league.

  32. if he is willing to give away 16 mill or 1 season, then by all means please do because
    he is not smart enough to understand he will never regain that no matter how big a
    contract he eventually signs. i just can’t understand how people can be so greedy. that
    amount this year could support at least 10 families for a generation not to mention what he has already made before.

  33. Hes gone, no way they pay him and have money for the offense.

  34. The Chiefs are another one year dynasty. They are facing cap hell and the defense will take a step back.

  35. Chris Jones – you are a beast, but go get your money elsewhere bro. The Chiefs have Mahomes, that pie is his.

  36. touchback6 says:
    June 30, 2020 at 11:50 pm
    why wouldn’t he? The Chiefs blew it by overpaying for
    Clark, Mathieu and Watkins. It will be a long way down for them
    once Mahomes gets the 40 mil per. Good thing Boger showed up for

    Seriously? These players played a pivotal role in helping this team win their first championship in 50 years. How much is that worth?

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