Jadeveon Clowney open to offers, hoping to sign before the season starts

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Jadeveon Clowney is still waiting for the right offer.

Clowney, the defensive end who is one of the best available free agents in the NFL, told Josina Anderson that he hopes to sign with some team “before the season starts, if everything still goes on time with the season.”

But which team will that be? Clowney doesn’t know, and it sounds like he doesn’t even have a good guess.

“No, I have not narrowed down a final team. I’m still open,” Clowney said.

That Clowney has taken so long to sign is due in large part to the fact that he’s coming off surgery for a core muscle injury in an offseason when the pandemic has made it difficult for players to travel around the country for physicals with team physicians. It also may be an indication that Clowney thinks he’s worth more than any team thinks he’s worth.

The Browns, Titans and Seahawks are among the teams that have been linked to Clowney in various reports this offseason.

31 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney open to offers, hoping to sign before the season starts

  1. Tough position to be in with most teams already spent most of their cap, and he wants to get paid.

  2. Nobody wants him really, because he has already showed his true colors. Once paid he does not show up. No organization wants to deal with that when there is way to many young men jumping at the chance to make a 53 man roster.

  3. The problem is he thinks he’s better than he really is. He was so hyped coming out of college and still thinks he’s worthy of that which he’s not. Good not great player who is better stopping the run than rushing the passer. That type of player is not worth what he’s asking.

  4. Cam , Jamis the $$ is going down not up . the hand writing is on the wall better sign for what ever he can get ASAP..

  5. Sign a one year incentive based $7.5 mil deal with the Patriots, the following year after winning the SB you and Cam can be in the driver’s seat for your next contract and new team. ☺

  6. Not sure what his agenda is but I honestly don’t think he is going to get the money that he is asking for. This guy is a injury away just waiting to happen.

  7. He is not an elite pass rusher therefore he should not be paid like one

  8. The Browns offered him and he walked away. At this point he has no one to blame but himself.

  9. Not quite “just a guy” but, given his injury history, he’s not that far off.

  10. If he gives you an all star performance in a game, expect him to be injured from it.

  11. This started out with me really wanting to re-sign him in Seattle but after the last 4 months I’m kind of done.

    I think Everson Griffen would give you 10 times the mental player.

    I am still not sure how a guy with clowney’s talent only got three sacks last season …he seemed to be in the backfield all the time but never got it done.

    Worth about 13 million a year in my opinion… anymore would hurt team depth with not enough upside. Not enough sacks.

  12. The “mold” seems familiar to all of us: Play your A off in your contract year and or get traded and get the big bucks then take it easy. Perry of the Packers lit it up his contract year then nothing. Shue, ditto, and he did it several times as teams thought, wow what an acquisition. Ya right. Its all about da mooney to many of them, especially when they know they are on teams that arent going anywhere: Tampa, Miami, Detroit.

  13. This guy REALLY misfired this offseason. He had, if I remember correctly, 2 opportunties, and he passed on them because they werent as lucrative as he thought he was worth. And that is certainly fair for him to do. If you think you are worth more, try to get more, thats all good. BUT, if you are aiming for an unattainable number (because 32 teams wont go there), then you are making a mistake. In the end, he is still hoping for money that, for all intents and purposes, doesnt exist. The cap money for this season has been spent on draft picks (or is slated to be spent when the draft picks are finally signed), and free agency.

    The double whammy, if you will, is that there is a very real possibility that there wont be a season. And that means next years salary cap may decrease by as much as $40 million. So there wont be anyone willing to spend $13+ million on him. Half the league is going to have to dump big money veterans just to get under the cap, so the market will be flooded with talent, and the number of teams that can spend will be small. He should have taken the best offer that was there at the time, because he is never going to see an offer anywhere near that again.

    To further illustrate my point about the cap if there is no season. If it goes down by $40 million, and it could go down as much as $60 million, but the example I saw was $40 million over each of the next 3 years to spread it out. A team like Pittsburgh is slated to be $5 mil over the cap using this years figures. Who are they going to have to dump if the cap goes down $40 million (that means $45 million in salary dumping). There are 4 teams that would be under the cap on day 1 of the 2021 league year if it goes down $40 million. So 28 teams are going to have to dump salary just to get in compliance.

  14. I hope the Browns pull their offer and he has to accept $8 Mil for 1 year.

    1 in the hand, Jadeveon…. 1 in the hand.

  15. “It also may be an indication that Clowney thinks he’s worth more than any team thinks he’s worth.” Ding Ding, winner winner, chicken dinner.

    The dude leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths (figuratively). He started off this off season flat out telling teams he wanted to break the bank and commanded top dollar. That’s enough right there to turn people off. That, and his skills just aren’t what he thinks. When he came out of college after that monster hit, the NFL world was waiting to see him wreck the NFL. That never happened. He has been ok, just another DE. Seems like his potential is off the charts, but he never shows up. What has he done to command the dollars he’s demanding??

  16. Hindsight is 20/20 but he should have signed the Seahawks multi-year offer. It was a good match of team and player. Now the Seahawks don’t have the money. If the season does end up getting cancelled and the NFL is required to pay players under contract, Clowney will have a difficult time making up the money he loses this season, assuming he remains unsigned.

  17. I’m open to offers too.
    I’d gladly quit my job for a year in the NFL at the veterans minimum.

    Clowney isn’t nearly as good as he thinks he is. All he has going for him is he was over-drafted. Had he been a late 1st round pick or lower there would be little fuss about him, and he’d be more realistic and have signed.

  18. I think Clowney is now working on Plan “C”. In othe4r words he’d be willing to take a one-year deal with a team that has a real chance to make it to the Super Bowl

  19. It has been well established that the Saints and Cowboys are his two preferred destinations. To my understanding Cleveland isn’t even it on the radar.

  20. I still think Seattle gave him an offer and left it open…now it is smaller but they would still welcome him…at THEIR price.

    He would be smart to just sign a one year deal and make some money even if there is no season and then try again. Enough of the drama. Go where you are comfortable to sit through this much more important than football situation the world is going through.

    He looks silly at this point…not sure if I even want him back after this wishy washy nonsense while so many people can’t even pay their bills.

  21. Clowney made out like a bandit in 2019 having only to be tied to an organization and required to be on the company’s clock for a little over 4 months and making 15 million. Baseball it’s a 7 month season and basketball about 7 as well but there is also the requirement to be available to do team activities in the off season as well. He isn’t complaining just hanging out and gauging the Covid-19 situation and maybe if at all signing and reporting to a team a week before their first game.

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