NFL players planning Thursday call to discuss “what to expect” at camp

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During an appearance on NFL Network Tuesday, Steelers defensive end Cam Heyward added his voice to those of other players who are unsure what training camp and the 2020 season are going to look like.

Heyward said he hasn’t heard of any players who expect to opt out of playing this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that “everyone I’ve heard from is just trying to find out more information because they want to go back to football.” Some information will be coming the players’ way later this week.

Texans wide receiver Randall Cobb said on Twitter that the NFL Players Association is organizing a call on Thursday. Cobb wrote that he “would advise everyone to get on this call to hear the plans so you’re informed and know what to expect going into camp.”

NFLPA president JC Tretter outlined some of the issues on the minds of players this week and more will likely be raised during Thursday’s call. Given how often the situation has changed over the last few months, that’s unlikely to be an end point to discussions about moving forward with the 2020 season.

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  1. I think it’s time they start leaking some of the contingency plans, they’re are fooling no one and scaring many with the go ahead at all costs approach. Flo flo, what do you know?

  2. Put the whole WI state population into account against todays cdc numbers. Not positives versus testing…that test doesnt mean anything. Pop of WI vs Tested positive = .005 of WI pop. Died = .00014 of WI pop.


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