Report: Bucs remain uninterested in Antonio Brown

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The NFL will complete its investigation into Antonio Brown at some point, and chances are, the receiver finds a job somewhere.

That somewhere won’t be Tampa.

Greg Auman of reports that “nothing has changed with Bucs and their lack of interest in signing Antonio Brown. As Bruce Arians made clear in March, just not a match.”

Brown seems to have burned the bridge with Arians, who was the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh during Brown’s first two NFL seasons. The coach was adamant in March that the Bucs did not and would not have interest in Brown, no matter how much new quarterback Tom Brady likes Brown.

The Bucs have Pro Bowlers Chris Godwin and Mike Evans as their starting wideouts.

A recent report indicated the Seahawks have had internal discussions about Brown.

But Brown faces league discipline after pleading no contest to burglary and battery in connection with an altercation with a moving truck driver. The league continues to investigate two other incidents involving Brown for potential further discipline.

Brown has not played since Sept. 15, the only game he played for the Patriots and the only game he played last season.

26 responses to “Report: Bucs remain uninterested in Antonio Brown

  1. With the fire power they have it would be the worse move in the history of football. First he will be suspended once reinstated. Secon with Evans and Godwin closer to their primes and being 100 catch WRs themselves how would it make sense to bring in a headcase?

  2. If there is a team that straight up does NOT need another mouth to feed, it’s the Bucs.

  3. He’s welcome to cover kicks and serve as primary punt returner, but we have enough fire power on offense to take down an aircraft carrier, and his drama wouldn’t be worth the depth.

  4. The commish is gonna “LA LA DILLY” around until someone signs him ,”THEN DROP AN 8 GAME SUSPENSION”.

  5. AB could serve as a scapegoat in case TB doesn’t pan out. He could act out and take the brunt of the press off Tommy just like Rodman did for Jordan. But just like Rodman, AB can still make a game winning play if called upon.

  6. Would be overkill anyway. 3 headed monster at Tight End and then obviously the wr duo. One or two players are already going to see a decent drop in production. Only so many balls to go around and Brady isn’t going to be throwing 50 times a game

  7. Who wants a cancer, the plague, or Covid-19 in their locker room? If Chuckie couldn’t handle him, who can?

  8. Evans, barring injury, will eclipse every wide receiver in history to start a career with seven 1,000 yard seasons. Currently tied with Moss with six but dude gets zero respect because the Bucs have sucked for so long. With Godwin in the slot and other receivers and tight ends they have, including Gronk for maybe 12 games, not sure how you defense them.

  9. They are smart, everywhere he has went trouble followed. They have a good thing going on down there and they do not want to mess it up.

  10. Only the most desperate of teams would roll the dice on AB. Tampa isn’t one of those teams.

  11. AB is an excellent receiver – probably still top 10 in the league, if not top 5. That said, the Bucs have probably the best receiving corps in the NFL. Why would they want to bring ANYONE in, not to mention a guy with a such history of causing drama.

    Aside from Tampa, AB would be a good fit anywhere but Cleveland, and obviously he isn’t wanted in Pittsburgh, New England, or Oakland. Any team can use a receiver of his capabilities. How much are they willing to put up with is the question that will determine if/when he lands somewhere.

  12. No team will seriously look at him until the NFL determines what his suspension will be. What is taking the NFL so long or for that matter the justice system???

  13. Even if some team were dumb enough to sign AB, he would immediately be placed on the commissioner’s list. Then they will take their sweet time determining the length of a suspension, likely sixteen games reduced to eight on appeal. That means no matter what I can’t see him playing this year. That’s even if any team wants him after all the stuff he did since last summer. If AB doesn’t like it, he should look in the mirror. Or he can go back and watch his many meltdowns in the last twelve months.

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