87 investment firms ask Nike, FedEx, Pepsi to stop doing business with Washington franchise

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As the NFL fails and refuses to pressure Washington owner Daniel Snyder to change the dictionary-defined slur that has been the team’s name for decades, NFL sponsors are being lobbied to do what the NFL won’t do.

Via Mary Emily O’Hara of AdWeek, 87 investment firms representing $620 billion in assets sent letters last week to Nike, FedEx, and Pepsi, asking the companies to refuse to do business with the Washington franchise until it changes its name.

“Many of us have raised this issue with Nike for years to little avail,” said the letter sent to the NFL’s official apparel provider. “But in light of the Black Lives Matter movement that has focused the world’s attention on centuries of systemic racism, we are witnessing a fresh outpouring of opposition to the team name. Therefore, it is time for Nike to meet the magnitude of this moment, to make their opposition to the racist team name clear, and to take tangible and meaningful steps to exert pressure on the team to cease using it.”

FedEx holds the naming rights to the stadium where Washington plays, and CEO Fred Smith holds a minority ownership interest in the team. Pepsi is the NFL’s official soft drink of the NFL, and it presents the halftime show at every Super Bowl.

“This is a broader movement now that’s happening that Indigenous peoples are part of,” Carla Fredericks, director of First Peoples Worldwide and director of the University of Colorado Law School’s American Indian Law Clinic, told AdWeek. “Indigenous peoples were sort of left out of the civil rights movement in the late 1960s in many respects, because our conditions were so dire on reservations and our ability to engage publicly was very limited because of that. With social media now, obviously everything is very different.”

It remains to be seen whether pressure on these companies will create pressure on the team. Again, at a time when the NFL is doing nothing to nudge Snyder toward doing the right thing, the pressure will need to come from other places. It will be interesting to see whether any of these companies will do anything other than issue a “no comment” and join the league and the team in a fairly obvious effort to run out the clock until everyone starts paying attention to something else.

51 responses to “87 investment firms ask Nike, FedEx, Pepsi to stop doing business with Washington franchise

  1. stay strong daniel snyder, dont buckle – the redskins name has a rich nfl history and should be preserved

  2. So, what leverage is there? So what if those investment firms sell their stock in Nike, FedEx, etc if they don’t stop doing business with the Redskins There will be willing buyers of that stock, I can assure you. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a successful boycott of Nike and FedEx. Remember what Michael Jordan said: “Republicans buy shoes, too”

  3. So back in the day Cowboys chased and killed Indians, also known as Redskins. They killed them, their buffalo and other missable things. So the Cowboys need to change their name also.

  4. The instant Snyder thinks the name costs him money he’ll change it.

  5. Danny Boy owns FedEx & The Team, so good luck with that. And Nike HAS to be on every jersey, so good luck with that one too… Who drinks Pepsi anyway?

  6. Name these investment firms. I noticed they banded together so dissenting people wouldn’t pull their money from their business. I would think they approached everyone right down to the neighborhood pawn shop.

  7. Investment firms want Washington to change its name so they are putting pressure on Nike,Pepsi,and others. Really? Then why don’t these investment firms put pressure on those same companies to stop working with China? That is the most racist country on this planet, but they turn a blind eye to the abuse citizens take there. No noise from these investment people on the Muslims taken from their homes in China and put in prison for their religion. Prisons where they are forced to manufacture products for no wage. I could care less about changing the name of the team in Washington, but when it comes to real racist policies and abuse,I hate hypocrites. Especially those that hypocrite because the money is more important.

  8. Didn’t Washington’s line carry the name hogs?
    Just rename the team porkskins !

  9. Joe McCarthy (R-WI) would have loved this idea. Blacklisting I think they call it. Who said conformity was an outdated concept

  10. The new strong arm tactic. Cancel anything that doesn’t fit a certain way of thinking. Eventually everyone will be forced to think the same way. The the elitists can take over every aspect of our lives. It is exactly how Castro took over Cuba. He violently silence dissenters, but it is basically the same outcome. Protest, silence the opposition, take over, ban protesters and quash protests with violence, government ownership of everything, no need for anyone to start a business, no more jobs, starvation. That is what we need to happen in this country to make it a truly great country.

  11. So, what leverage is there? So what if those investment firms sell their stock in Nike, FedEx, etc if they don’t stop doing business with the Redskins There will be willing buyers of that stock, I can assure you. And don’t hold your breath waiting for a successful boycott of Nike and FedEx. Remember what Michael Jordan said: “Republicans buy shoes, too”

    Those investment funds hold Board seats in those companies. They can influence the actions of those companies’ CEO’s. Just depends on how hard they want to push. By going public with this, they are signaling they are NOT selling, but seeking to influence. Otherwise, they would say nothing and simply sell, as you pointed out. This isn’t over yet.

  12. SJW woke-scolds have a short attention span. They’re more interested in being angry than actual change.

  13. nothing to nudge Snyder toward doing the right thing…

    Who are you to determine what the “right thing” is for the Redskins or anyone else for that matter? The name is only derogatory in your mind. Indians exhibited traits like courage,determination, and perseverance that could be appropriate for an NFL team to strive for. Only YOU make it racist.

  14. I wanna know if the changers would be ok if the Redskins kept the name but removed all native American imagery and switched to a wild hog (there skin is red) we already have the hogs history.
    seems like a win win to me but I doubt the changers would be ok with that.

  15. I’d love to see Eddie DeBartolo buy the franchise from Dan Snyder. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was open to selling the team. He’s made enough money. He can’t be having that much fun.

  16. Some say BLM now has perpetual motion and cannot be stopped. Others say perpetual motion violates the laws of physics. Question is, which do you believe?

  17. Sarcastically, I would love it if Snyder changes the name from Redskins to Trump, just to watch a bunch of heads explode.

  18. lol look at all these snowflakes getting triggered about having the name change.

    it’s changing, buttercups. better buy some tissues.

  19. If I was a skins fan I would agree to ANY name if it would guarantee to also get them into the playoffs!

  20. Better ban the Raiders name. It glorifies violence and unlawfullness. Of course I’m being sarcastic!

  21. I used to think screw it just change the name, but I now I kind of respect a company put their foot down. It’s becoming rare these days.

  22. America has become the land of cry babies. If the left wingers want all these changes let them save their change and buy the Redskins then they can change the name.This stupid stuff has got to stop.

  23. Did you know in 1972 a Blackfoot Indian was the artist who designed the current logo on the Redskins helmet? I live in Kansas less than a 100 miles from Oklahoma. There are many Native Americans in this area. When you ask them about the “Redskins” name for the Washington team the majority of them say it doesn’t offend them some even say they are their favorite team. What they do say is they are offended by is white people telling everyone how offended they are. There are several high school teams on the reservations that use the “Redskins” name for their team name.

  24. The “woke” like to bully those that disagree. Be strong. Stand up to the bullies.

  25. I think if they changed it to the Washington Whiteskins caucasians probably wouldn’t get their panties in a bunch. And just think of the marketing possibilities and the conundrum the liberal left cancel culture would face.

  26. This is how socialism/communism starts. Forcing their ideals in any way that they can. Once they get that name changed then they will forbid the name to never be said by anyone. Pretty you will only get to say what that side wants to hear from you.

  27. It’s worth nothing that the dictionary isn’t always correct, hence there being new editions put out every however so many years. Even medical dictionaries fall victim to imperfections and definitions falling into obsolescence. As a case in point, the DSM-5 doesn’t list sex addiction as a medically diagnosable disorder. As someone who suffers with this disorder, it blows my mind that sex addiction still isn’t in the DSM. Maybe it will make the DSM-6. Similarly, in the not-so-distant future, “redskin” may no longer be defined as a slur, especially since the word is generally considered obsolete in that context. It’s prudent to avoid being short-sighted as regards these matters.

  28. They should just call them Washington Franchise…….there’s been many individuals calling them that for 3-4 yrs already now……I mean besides calling them garbage. HTTF….

  29. You know how to make somebody hold on to something with a death grip? Demand they have to let go of it!

    The ones that want the name change are going about it the wrong way. I’m not sure the right way because I’m not in big business, but I’m sure there are other ways to get it done.

  30. So liberals are taking their moral guidance from investment banks these days?

  31. the League & Snyder have doubled down so many times in the past with their decision on this matter. Its a dead horse.

  32. Remember, Nike uses children in sweatshops to make their product. So screw them

  33. Redskins as a team name no longer works.
    Would you expect people to be ok with Brownskins, or Yellowskins, or Blackskins?
    The only one that might fly is WhiteSkins, because you know, white supremacists… they would love it!

  34. Staying with the Native American theme, Washington Potomacs works, after the tribe. Fits on a jersey, too.

  35. Anybody that wants to leave, Dan, SUE THEM ALL. They have contracts in place including Nike which not only has a contract with the TEAM but also the NFL. When they are up, do what you want until… then Dan making money from them buyouts

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