Giants Super Bowl ring heist masterminded by Patriots fan

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In June of 2008, a jewelry store in Attleboro, Massachusetts, was burglarized, and millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen — including Super Bowl rings for the Giants, who had beaten the Patriots four months earlier and chose a Massachusetts jeweler to make their rings. It was a professional operation that involved destroying the store’s alarm, cutting a hole in the roof, and making off with a safe that weighed 1,000 pounds.

“Whoever did this knew what they were doing,” the police captain investigating said at the time.

It turned out that the thief did know what he was doing — and knew that he was going to a jewelry store to take the rings from the team that had beaten his own favorite team.

The thief, Sean Murphy, was a Patriots fan who first learned about the location of the Giants’ Super Bowl rings when perusing sports news online that offseason. A long article about Murphy at reveals that he was angered by the Giants’ shocking Super Bowl win, which included the Eli Manning-to-David Tyree pass that was one of the greatest plays in NFL history — or in the mind of Murphy, one of the luckiest plays in NFL history.

“They don’t deserve them,” Murphy thought of the Giants’ rings, according to Bloomberg.

Although Murphy’s burglary was well-planned and successful, he had less success figuring out what to do with the rings after the burglary. You can’t exactly go around advertising that you have stolen Super Bowl rings for sale, so he held onto the rings, eventually gave one as a gift, and it wasn’t long after that until the authorities tracked him down. He’s been behind bars since, both for the jewelry heist and a burglary at a Brinks armored car depot, but only recently told his story publicly, saying he’s hoping to sell his story for a movie. It’s certainly quite a tale.

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  1. Great story. As good as the Pats have been for 20 years, losing that game will go down in history as one of the top 2 or 3 upsets of all time. As Parcells once said, EVERYBODY gets suffers a crushing defeat at some point. As the NFL continues to nudge to an 18 game season, the possibility of another undefeated regular season becomes even more remote than it is now. If that was a lucky win, what do you call the Pats wins over the Seahawks and Falcons?

  2. This should be enough to dock the Patriots a mid to high draft pick and tack on a significant fine. I’m on board.

  3. Further proof that fanboys are both immature and…….morons.its just a game …..ladies.

  4. The ongoing hysteria of the video issue and the non-stop never been seen before attention on them for being undefeated in a world that was starving for content in a new 24/7 news cycle, wore out the players energy. By the time they reached the Super Bowl a terrible toll was taken on their overall team psyche and energy. Otherwise they likely would have finished that job. Still, playing in a league with a 16 game season and playoffs, The Patriots went one game farther than the Dolphins did (18-0 versus 17-0). But hey, the Patriots have accomplished soo much, if we didn’t have an undefeated season to chase, there might not be much to look forward to. These are First World Problems. The Cat Burglar adds an interesting twist.

  5. I wonder if he also deflated footballs for Brady, lined up Bengals practice videos or arranged for Florida message parlor visits during a work release program?

  6. Lucky huh? I wonder what he thinks about the Tuck Rule, Seattle not running the ball, the Falcons choking 28-3, and the Panthers kicking the ball out of bounds?

    The list goes on.

  7. Hey, at least give him credit for the heist. That was one hell of a game plan to carry that out. Most idiots would have probably just got in there with a gun and robbed the store for the rings at gunpoint and who knows what would have happened then? Though illegal and it’s still a robbery, this guy was a professional at it and knew how to pull it off. Took some work to go through what he had to.

    He had a better game plan than the Pats.

  8. Didn’t the Patriots just lose a 3rd round draft pick for breaking more nonsense regarding the taking of a video?


  9. Even their fans skirt the rules and norms of a civilized society.
    I wonder where he gets it from? 😐

  10. And boys and girls, the moral of this stupid story is… don’t be a dumb criminal and steal something that:

    a) you cannot sell, or
    b) you cannot use yourself and finally,
    c) do not “gift” stolen property, it can be traced back to you.

  11. Cmon, they guy was obviously smart to some degree. I guess he didnt think to take all of the stones off the rings and sell them in bulk maybe?

  12. wrap2tyt says:

    And boys and girls, the moral of this stupid story is… don’t be a dumb criminal and steal something that:

    a) you cannot sell, or


    There is a huge market for these rings overseas he could have gotten rid of them cleanly if he knew the right people.

  13. patslaya says:
    July 1, 2020 at 11:20 am
    They can name the movie “18 and 0 No!”

    How about “18 Wins and 1 Giant Heist!”

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