Ivy League will announce its fall sports decision next Wednesday

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The Ivy League has announced that an announcement is coming.

“With return to campus protocols still being developed and introduced by Ive League institutions, the council of Ivy League presidents intends to announce a final decision regarding the status of intercollegiate athletic activity for the fall term 2020 on July 8,” the conference announced via Twitter. “That decision will be communicated first to Ivy League directors of athletics, coaches, and student-athletes, followed by the wider Ivy League campus community, media, alumni, and the public.”

SI.com recently reported that the Ivy League currently is considering a seven-game, conference-opponents-only approach for the fall, or a postponement of the seven-game season to the spring.

The fact that the decision has been characterized as “final” seems ominous, because the only decision that truly would be final would be to cancel the football season altogether, with no postponement or alteration of it.

The Ivy League doesn’t generate the same kind of revenue that the Power Five conferences realize. But the schools produce a fair amount of NFL talent, with long-time quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick being the most notable Ivy Leaguer currently in the NFL.

Regardless, all college football programs are getting closer and closer to the point where some big decisions need to be made, as is the NFL.