NFL cuts 2020 preseason in half

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It’s been rumored and expected. It’s now official: The 2020 preseason will be trimmed from four games to two.

Specifically, Week One and Week Four have been scrapped. The league is expected to announce the move on Thursday.

The move was driven by two primary factors. First, teams who will be playing preseason games on the road won’t want to move that many people. Second, given that no teams had on-field practice sessions in the offseason, coaches would rather have the extra time to work with their teams, and that will happen if they don’t have to worry about two extra preseason games.

Already, the Week Four preseason game is worthless (or, more accurately, less worthless than the other preseason games). So it’s really only the loss of one preseason game. And the first preseason game doesn’t typically involve much work from starters, anyway.

36 responses to “NFL cuts 2020 preseason in half

  1. The 4th preseason game are scheduled for close proximity and less travel between the two teams. Surprised they would scratch those.

  2. Just cancel the season, the product on the field will be garbage given that teams can’t really practice and to top it off the stadiums will be empty.

  3. The ones it’ll hurt the most are the free agents & draftee’s on he bubble.
    Less chance to show they’re worth a roster spot.

  4. Soon it will cancel all preseason games and then it will cancel the regular season

  5. No one cares this NFL is all over the place when they should say packing it in till next year

  6. Kinda funny how little football means right now. Goes to show… any moment, things change.

  7. It’s funny I thought no sports would be harder but in a kinda sorta way Iam getting by ok without sports !

  8. The 4th preseason game is not worthless for rookies and bubble players. None of them are

  9. 1st and 4th cut because many teams will now still have one road and one home preseason game.

    Unrelated, I canNOT imagine paying money for an exhibition game when most starters play no more than a quarter, if that amount.

  10. If this turns out anything like MLB, then really who cares? I’d rather no season than one that doesn’t resemble the football I know and love.

  11. In another week, the other 2 will be cancelled, and the teams will play Madden online.

  12. Normally in the first preseason game, first string players only play one series if they even play at all.

    With only two “tune-up” games this season, it will be interesting to see how coaches play their starters in preseason. Big injury risk if they play a lot and big risk in conditioning if they sit them.

  13. It’s about frigging time. They should’ve cancelled two of those exhibition games 25 years ago.

  14. “There go opportunities for fringe players to make their case”

    fringe players can go to Canada though it would be nice to see the practice squad numbers at least doubled this year.hopefully the preseason will be cut to two games every season,if the players cant impress enough in practices and two preseason games they can walk on next season if they dont get picked up by another team.

  15. There will be no NFL season th it a year,…I’ll call it now. Time of death July 1st 2020. See ya in 2021.

  16. Someone mentioned having E-Sports games. Nothing like sitting around watching grown men play Madden for 2 hours on TV. So much fun…

  17. I think the regular season openers are going to be rough. I expect even more defensive dominance than usual considering how little time offenses will have to get in sync.

  18. Another indication this entire season is just a cluster waiting to happen

  19. And to think this could have been largely avoided with a clear shutdown and gradual reopen policy from the federal government as in so many of the democratic governments in Europe and Asia who have resumed sports.

    Part of the new American Exceptionalism. Everybody gets sports except us.

  20. It’s balony that “Demoratic” leadership would have avoided what is happening. Just ask Cuomo and Pelosi telling everyone to visit NY and SF respectively because according to them, there was no virus fear.

  21. They can just close the shop on the NBA as well, with supposed political statement written on the courts. Hard Pass even if my Celtics were going to be in the thick of it. I don’t want to watch that PC junk.

  22. It is amazing what a business like the NFL will do for money. If you thought the “Gamestop labels itself as essential” nonsense back in March and April was silly, just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet. The NFL will cut preseason games in the name of player and fan safety (, they will start the season virtue signaling their butts off(not enough fans will show up to games to justify the cost of having fans in the stands), Oct-Nov will roll around with a coof part 2 boogaloo excuse media marathon of run or shutdown the NFL noise will happen(shouldn’t of started the season in the first place), and then the excuses start flying because the NFL shuts it down or is forced to shut down wasting everyones time and money because of greed and they chose to start a season when they should of just nixed it until everything blew over.

    The NFL is looking for an excuse to look good vitue signaling in the public eye while not losing too much money and avoiding paying the players which will effect next years salary cap… genius! This season will be epic, epically hilarious.

  23. trump says no pro football this year,,,,,,,,,he told players to go flip hamburgers

  24. “Cancel the whole thing. Player’s health is worth much more than a dollar.”

    thats absurd,our Great Leader President Trump says the Corona virus will disappear by fall so there is no need to cancel anything,the virus will be gone thanks to Him and the season will go on and the stands will be full and there will be joy in America once again.

  25. darth3234 says:
    July 2, 2020 at 12:39 am

    It’s balony that “Demoratic” leadership would have avoided what is happening.
    So now the argument is that this a complete disaster, but no one else could have done it any better? We literally have handled this worse than any country on earth.

  26. “Big injury risk if they play a lot and big risk in conditioning if they sit them.”

    Shouldnt the players all be in top physical condition from working out in the offseason when they arrive in training camp? the starters wont play in the two preseason games as practices every day may be lengthened and how much did they get to play in the past,not much.

  27. darth3234 says:
    July 2, 2020 at 12:39 am
    It’s balony that “Demoratic” leadership would have avoided what is happening. Just ask Cuomo and Pelosi telling everyone to visit NY and SF respectively because according to them, there was no virus fear.


    Yup. History will not be kind to these people.

  28. Everything weird that has happened this year, is merely a conspiracy. It has been setup to test our economy, resolve, unity and our overall mindset on how we handle things. Then to reveal the TRUTH about alien visitors !

    Dude Visitors !!

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