NFL will not have a supplemental draft this year

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There will be no supplemental draft in 2020.

Despite some talk that there could be an increase in players entering the supplemental draft because players who are uncertain about the status of the college football season would rather turn pro, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the NFL informed all 32 teams today that no supplemental draft will take place this year.

Although the Collective Bargaining Agreement gives provides for the possibility of a supplemental draft each year, there’s no rule requiring it.

The supplemental draft began in 1977 and is intended for college football players whose eligibility status changed after the deadline to enter the regular draft. Last year’s supplemental draft saw one player drafted, with the Cardinals spending a fifth-round pick on safety Jalen Thompson.

5 responses to “NFL will not have a supplemental draft this year

  1. Good. They should do away with handing out supplemental picks while they’re at it.

  2. And compensatory picks.

    My Patriots sign Cam Newton for $1 million. Don’t resign him after this year and get a 3rd round compensatory pick. Wouldn’t any team pay $1 million for a 3rd round pick? I think so.

  3. footballpat says:
    July 1, 2020 at 7:07 pm
    And compensatory picks.

    That’s what I meant. They should do away with comp picks, but instead they use the same system they designed 25 years ago when free agency had just begun.

    The thought process back then was that the free agents would all want to play for the successful, big market teams and the bad teams would have no chance at retaining any of their players.

    Instead, as we all know, the majority of players nowadays prioritize striking a huge payday over playing for a successful team. So yeah, the logic behind comp picks is backwards, yet the league still decides to hand them out like candy every year.

  4. This is a Bummer for those division 2 schools whose players are not high profile, or other who may have had issues while in school and got a second chance. This Draft is a way to get some kids that might otherwise not be given that chance.

    Give the kids a chance….. Didn’t somebody give you a chance once in your life?? Come on NFL… what does it hurt to hold the draft???

    Why would anyone not want to allow this draft each year? Why limit someone from reaching for their dreams?

    Here are some examples of the Supplemental draft picks….. Chris Carter ….Jamal Williams….Bernie Kosar…..Rob Moore…Mike Wahle….Josh Gordon…..Ahmad Brooks….Bobby Humphrey….All these guys were OVERLOOKED by the NFL in the draft. Each made all pro, some went to super bowls and one went to the HAll Of FAME….Do you know who???

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