Packers sign AJ Dillon

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The Packers got another rookie under contract, a guy who should create some interesting competition.

Running back A.J. Dillon just tweeted out a photo of himself signing his rookie deal with the Packers.

The second-rounder from Boston College ran for 1,685 yards and 14 touchdowns last year, capping a three-year college career in which he 4,382 yards and 38 touchdowns.

The Packers have a very good back in Aaron Jones, who scored 19 touchdowns last year, making Dillon’s arrival a lesser version of taking quarterback Jordan Love in the first round.

7 responses to “Packers sign AJ Dillon

  1. Thunder and fumbler is a good duo but there will be no season to enjoy. Sorry NFL fans.

  2. The Packers went to NFC Championship game last year. One win away from the Super Bowl. They just need some WRs and younger OL to get over the top.
    So what do they do in the draft….take an unproven QB and a backup RB.
    The pieces are in place!

  3. I believe AJ Dillon will play more of a complimentary role rather than competition.
    Matt LaFleur has stated from Day 1 that he wanted to use multiple RBs with a variety of skill sets to run his offense.
    I think he’ll have that now.

    Also, even if you squint hard enough, this draft selection doesn’t look anything like the Jordan Love pick.
    Unlike QBs, RBs are virtually interchangeable, and Dillon should contribute to the offense immediately.
    And with Aaron Jones in the final year of his rookie deal, this pick makes a ton of sense, in fact, AJ could find himself in the driver seat as early as next season.

  4. With all the talk about this guy, about what a bulldozer he is — how does he compare to Adrian Peterson when Peterson was a young running back?

  5. In my opinion he was the best running back in the draft. I think Green Bay got a steal in this one.

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