Report: Yannick Ngakoue still wants trade, has no plans to sign tag

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The Jaguars want Yannick Ngakoue on their 2020 roster. The defensive end wants a trade.

With two weeks until the deadline for franchise players to sign a long-term deal, that’s where the sides sit.

Nothing has changed with Ngakoue’s stance, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports, and Ngakoue has no immediate plans to sign the tag.

Ngakoue got into a Twitter spat with Tony Khan, the team’s senior vice president of football administration and technology, earlier this offseason.

The relationship between Ngakoue and the team turned sour last summer when the Jaguars offered him a deal that averaged $19 million annually. He sought $20 million annually and held out for 11 days in training camp before playing last season for $2.025 million.

The Jaguars placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Ngakoue, worth $17.8 million for 2020.

18 responses to “Report: Yannick Ngakoue still wants trade, has no plans to sign tag

  1. Both sides need a split here, I get it from JAX’s prospective, they want to recoup as much value as possible. Also see Yanick’s side, he wants off the sinking ship ASAP as the Jaguars appear to have little future.

    If it was a matter of closing a $1 Million gap, it would’ve happened already. He’s looking for $20 Mil but rejected $19 Mil and played for little over $2 Mil? Nah, he wasn’t going to resign in JAX.

  2. Hey, lets trade a 1st and pay a guy nobody has heard about 18 mil a year……..said nobody ever

  3. So he was offered a deal for $19 Mil annually and he turned it down. Let him sit, worked so well for L. Bell.

  4. Wait, did I read that right – he wanted $20 mil, said no to $19 mil and settled for $2.025 million? Really?

    So if he sits out this year he will have $2 mil over 2 years when he could have had $38 mil over the same period.

    Either he is not getting good advice or he is a dope, or both.

  5. He should roll the dice take the 17.8 mil, negotiate 100% guaranteed with or without a season.

    Not sure a lot of teams have the cap space to get him to 17.8 this year.

  6. You read that right, he took 2 million over 2 years instead of 38 million. He should take the 17.8 million this year and then will be at almost 20 million over 2 years…then he can fake an injury like Jalen Ramsey and get out of town.

    For those who don’t know much about him he’s a decent pass rusher (nothing special) but a liability against the run. 20 million is a lot for that.

  7. What a fool a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush! He wanted 20 mil got offered 19mil and passed who’s his agent ? He should star in a remake of all thr right moves call it all the wrong moves!

  8. Like L. Bell, he wants more money than he is worth.
    Fine, let him sit out the season and make nothing. See how much he gets next off season, I will bet it is less than the 19 million he turned down.

  9. I can’t believe this dope turned down 19 million cause he wanted 20 million and wound up making 2 million instead. And now he’s looking at 17.8 million for the tag year. Boy stupid is as stupid does here.

  10. Obviously he just wants out of Jacksonville. Very similar to Mack wanting out of Oakland. Let him walk, Raiders made out ahead. DE doesn’t change a game like a QB. They can more easily be schemed against. If you are a young team, more like have a young QB, paying him rookie salary, then you have the luxury to pay a DE that kind of wood. If not bye bye.

  11. I dont blame him for wanting to leave. The kahns are crap owners who want to move the team to london and are doing everything they can to bottom out support in Jacksonville.

    With the right team he is worth 20 a year. The eagles, ravens, niners, cowboys(they would have to cut someone) these teams would all be great spots to land. You can add Tennessee as well.

  12. I see some saying “ reject the 19 mil offer “…

    I know this may come as a shock, but some guys value things other than money when it comes to picking a city, profession, partner…

    Kudos to you Yannick for staying the course and not settling for anything other than exactly what you want…

  13. Collusion? I don’t know. I’m sure he’ll be singing how oppressed he is next

  14. There is always barber college if he wants to not play for 19 million they are offering 🤣

  15. He’s untradable. He wanted $20M last year but I heard he wants a multi-year deal worth at least $22M per year. First of all, any team that wants to trade for him will want him to sign a deal before trading for him….and they aren’t going to give him $22M/year. Secondly, the Jags are going to want something in return but I don’t see them getting anything higher than a 3rd-round pick–the same they’d probably get in a compensatory pick.

    He’s in a similar position to Clowney. Teams have already done their shopping sprees and both Clowney and Ngakoue want more money than teams think they are worth. If Ngakoue sits out this year then he will have wasted the chance to earn $40M and settled for a little over $2M. Any way you look at it, that’s dumb.

    The big problem for him is Calais Campbell was a big part of Ngakuoue’s success and now that he’s gone they will double Ngakoue. Also, since he’s not really good against the run how can they pay him top dollar?

    It looks like people have changed their opinion about Ngakuoe. I don’t really blame the Jags. It sounds like they made a good offer. Ngakuoe is this year’s Melvin Gordon.

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