Yes, Cam Newton will still celebrate like Cam Newton in New England

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Playing for the Patriots typically means leaving a significant chunk of a person’s individuality at the door. Which has raised the question of whether Cam Newton will still be Cam Newton while playing for Bill Belichick.

There surely will be an adjustment, like there is for anyone who previously didn’t play for the Patriots and now does. But it won’t be nearly as extreme as some have suggested.

Consider this clip from Felger & Mazz on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, as harvested and posted by the @BackAftaThis Twitter account. The hosts debate whether Cam will continue his Superman celebration in New England, with Michael Felger speaking disapprovingly of the gesture and suggesting that Bill Belichick won’t allow it.

For starters, Belichick allows it. Look at this compilation of Patriots celebrations. Newton has a trademark first-down celebration, his Superman touchdown gesture, and a habit of finding a child in the stands to whom to give the football. None of that is problematic or objectionable or in any way contrary to the Patriot Way.

“No Superman,” Felger nevertheless said. “I don’t wanna see Superman. Bill doesn’t wanna see Superman. He doesn’t want you taunting the opponent like that.”

Click here. It will take you to the spot in the Patriots celebration compilation where Tom Brady throws a touchdown pass to Mike Vrabel in Super Bowl XLIX against the Eagles — and Vrabel taunts the Eagles by flapping his arms like they were wings. (Safety Rodney Harrison did the same thing after icing the game with an interception.)

Rich Eisen of NFL Network pulled no punches in responding to the argument that Belichick won’t tolerate the “celebrating and showboating” of Cam Newton.

“This is absurd,” Eisen tweeted. “Cam is an absolute delight. He gives footballs to delighted children when he scores. Way to cement the stereotype that Boston sports fans are only happy when they’re unhappy.”

So, yes, Cam will still be Cam on the football field. He’ll pause before smiling and dramatically pointing with both hands after gaining a first down. He’ll pretend to rip open his shirt to reveal an “S” under it when scoring a touchdown. He’ll find a child in the stands to whom he’ll give the ball. And Belichick won’t have an issue with any of it.

21 responses to “Yes, Cam Newton will still celebrate like Cam Newton in New England

  1. Those were examples of one time episodes, not something done routinely. Newton has done plenty of celebration preceding a loss, and I don’t think those will play very well.

  2. Yeah, the team where Rob Gronkowski played for nine years doesn’t allow celebration. I guess I can’t blame sports talking-head types for stirring up controversy for no reason, they are probably losing their audiences with no sports to watch.

  3. So he will steal Eddleman’s TD balls and hand them to kids? What a true gentleman-

  4. Cam was only signed to take attention from yet another cheating allegation. Nothing more

  5. Perhaps we can save these kinds of discussion for when and if Newton even secures the starting job.
    You know, cart and horse, which goes where?

  6. what about the constant 1st down celebrations though? I’m not so sure BB will enjoy those too much….

  7. Yes, The Incredible Sulk will still sulk like The Incredible Sulk in New England…….

  8. We will see how he handles the mentor back up role if he doesn’t win the starting job. He’ll certainly be sulking at the end of the bench with the trademark towel wrapped over his head…..

  9. Ugh. Boston sports fans have unfortunately known for years that Felger is a Hot-Takes Hack. Way back when, this moron said that the Patriots getting Doug Flutie was a huge mistake because he only wanted to be a starter, and would never fit in. I stopped caring about his unhappy, deliberately contrary and miserable opinions about Boston sports matters many many years ago, but occasionally I can’t avoid it, such as seeing this story.

  10. Yeah. They have narcissistic idiots in NE just like everywhere else. I’m sure he’ll fit right in!

  11. But will he fall on fumbles like in Carolina?

    Oh, Sorry.. He doesn’t fall on fumbles.

  12. Oh, he has an issue with it which is why you don’t see NE rehearse celebrations like complete idiots like other teams selfishly do.

  13. Cam is not a delight, he is a poor sport.

    “We’re just having fun” when they are winning.
    When they lose he’s a zombie on the bench with a towel over his head.
    Remember his look after he didn’t bother trying to recover his fumble in the super bowl?

    On the bright side …
    I’m looking forward to seeing what hats he wears to press conferences.

  14. We’ll see what happens when Cam wastes 3 precious seconds doing his first down pose when running the two minute offense trying to tie a game in the 4th quarter with no timeouts. He and Coach Belichick will have a conversation. The stupid thing is that after all of these years in the NFL, Cam will still need to have that conversation.

  15. Im all for Celebrating a game winner or tying or taking the lead in a big moment that’s fine just dont show up your opponent for the sake of it! I personally love the way Barry sanders use to just hand the ball to the offical I think more players should take that approach but to each his own.

  16. I hope we never have to see on the field….he thinks he’s the only one on the field….like he did it all himself…superman my ass

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