49ers promote masks, with a shot at the Saints

Getty Images

As it becomes clear that the simplest way everyone can reduce the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a mask, NFL teams are promoting the wearing of masks in the hopes that the football season will be able to start on time. The 49ers have found a creative way to do it.

The 49ers’ Twitter posted the message, “Be a saint. Grab a face mask” with video of George Kittle‘s catch-and-run to set up the winning field goal in last season’s game at New Orleans. That play ended with Saints safety Marcus Williams blatantly grabbing and pulling Kittle’s facemask in a desperate attempt to bring him down.

The message comes after Saints coach Sean Payton jumped aboard the pro-mask train with a public service announcement this week.

Everyone should be aboard the pro-mask train. When you’re in public, you should be wearing a mask over your mouth and nose. The new coronavirus spreads via respiratory droplets, and when you cover your mouth and nose, those droplets and the virus don’t spread. When you don’t cover your mouth and nose, those droplets and the virus do spread. Everyone should wear a mask.