Cam Newton: This is about respect, not money

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The terms of the contract that quarterback Cam Newton agreed to with the Patriots include $500,000 in guaranteed money, a $1.05 million base salary and a collection of roster bonuses and incentives that could push the total value of the one-year deal to $7.5 million.

49ers cornerback Richard Sherman called it “just ridiculous” that a former MVP would get a deal like that given how much other quarterbacks, including backups, are set to make this season. In a post to Instagram on Thursday, Newton made his first comments about the financial aspects of his deal.

He wrote that respect is one of the things that money can’t buy and that respect is his central desire.

“This is not about money for me; It’s about respect,” Newton wrote.

A big rebound in 2020 would bring Newton more of both, although the money side of things could be impacted by the Patriots’ ability to use the franchise tag to ensure he’s around New England for more than one year.

49 responses to “Cam Newton: This is about respect, not money

  1. How do those words taste Sherman? Maybe think before you speak in the future instead of removing any doubt we had that you are full of hot air.

  2. Sorry, I don’t how Cam got ‘respected’ here?
    Not that there is anything wrong with playing for peanuts, the way QB salaries are but I don’t get how he gained respect?

  3. well then go get your respect out on that field , ur in the dirt right now, well you gotta dig deep and you gotta prove yourself, and for somebody determined, thats not dirt, thats soil, meaning if you water that soil and you proveyourself, next thing you know youll have fruit and thats the respect youre talking about.

  4. Man if he has a great year and is stuck playing for only $31 million next year, I am going to be furious.

  5. Translation = No one was knocking down the door for me…not even the really bad teams. I really lucked out getting a offer from the New England Patriots. I grabbed it.

  6. 4theWin says:
    July 2, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    Sorry, I don’t how Cam got ‘respected’ here?
    Not that there is anything wrong with playing for peanuts, the way QB salaries are but I don’t get how he gained respect?


    Perhaps because he lost his job and simply wants a chance to prove himself as still being a top QB in the NFL

  7. 4theWin says:
    July 2, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    Sorry, I don’t how Cam got ‘respected’ here?
    Not that there is anything wrong with playing for peanuts, the way QB salaries are but I don’t get how he gained respect?——————————————————–

    I don’t think Cam saying by signing he is gaining respect. The NFL is a totally what have you done for me lately league. I think Cam is saying that he signed for the opportunity to regain or in some case gain the respect for persevering through adversity and regaining top form. Whether or not he succeeds, is the question.

  8. 4theWin says:
    July 2, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    Sorry, I don’t how Cam got ‘respected’ here?
    Not that there is anything wrong with playing for peanuts, the way QB salaries are but I don’t get how he gained respect?

    Might have something to do with being pursued and signed by one of the top two or three franchises in the NFL, with a HUGE upside.

  9. This might be the first time Cameron Jerrell Newton’s 31 years that he has said exactly the right humble thing to the media….I’ve always rooted against him, now I am rooting for him.

  10. Cam ol’ Buddy! After shoulder surgery QBs often lose accuracy! Fans are watcing you!

  11. He received an opportunity to start at a time when it was hard to guage his health due to the pandemic. This really isn’t about the money given that if he takes advantage of the opportunity he will get the money.

  12. If he’s thinking the lack of signing is about disrespect, I suspect he’s missing the point on teams fearing his physical deterioration due to injuries (and covid delays in completing a physical). If he’s signing to earn respect, while I suppose the Pats and BB give him the best chance, if he truly trusts his health and abilities, that could have taken place with most any NFL team that would give him a chance to play.

  13. Pretty obvious that’s what it is about when Matt Barkley makes more than you.

  14. You reap what you sow. (I’ve always wanted to use that term. I hope I spelled it right)

  15. I don’t care for Cam or the Patriots, but I’d love to see him do well and get signed to a large contract when free agency starts next year. Why? It’s so Kap can have it tossed in his face.

  16. Carolina had to step off of the wounded battered Cam train because he was only expecting raises instead of a huge salary reduction. Good for him if he can resurrect his next stage of a career. But this guy has been treated like a god all his life and his frontrunner attitude shows it.

  17. I respect the Patriots for the win/win contract(and I don’t like the Patriots). It’s win for Newton because it’s one of the best opportunities for him to start and it’s a win for the Patriots with a vet minimum/no risk contract.(kinda like the Bills and Josh Norman)

  18. The “respect” might simply be the way the Patriot’s approached the conversation.

    Like maybe – Hi Cam. Listen, we have our QB of the future but, frankly, he may need a bit more seasoning. I know you are looking to be a starter but you haven’t been able to play for a while and no one can get you in for a physical due to the pandemic so makes it tough for you to sign. So we both have a bit of a problem that maybe we can help each other with. We’d like to sign you for a year and if you are healthy and can perform, you can make some decent money and prove you can still play. It may not be as much as you hoped for but it should set you up for a better payday next year. You know you will be coming to a good team that should maximize your ability to demonstrate what you can do. Hopefully even the playoffs if not Super Bowl. That also gives us time to groom our guy but if things go well, who knows. Appreciate you taking the time to listen and if you aren’t interested, we can appreciate that and won’t be offended and won’t go blabbing to the press. But, we thought there might be a win-win opportunity here and didn’t want to let it slip away for either of us by not asking. Let us know what you think.

  19. You know what else is ridiculous Sherm? How much MORE money you make than other far superior players at the same position!

  20. 24601jvj says:

    July 2, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    Cam ol’ Buddy! After shoulder surgery QBs often lose accuracy! Fans are watcing you!

    Lol no! When has a qb ever said he lost accuracy from shoulder surgery? They lose velocity but not accuracy which is good for Cam at least as he had velocity but struggled with accuracy.

  21. He gets so much crap for his celebrations and style that all of what he did in Carolina, especially on that 2015 team that went to the Super Bowl, is overlooked it seems. Most importantly, that man is great in the community. He is so good with kids and making them fans for life. New England, for everything bad I can say about them, got an absolute steal. And you know what? I hope he destroys every defender in front of him this year, even if it means New England gets another ring. Carolina let him down for years without putting a solid line in front of him from one tackle across to the other. Until CMC was drafted, the only consistent weapon they have provided for him as been Olsen.

  22. I was never a Cam fan; did not like or dislike him. However when you see a great athlete and very good QB humble himself and take advantage of a great opportunity, I for one am rooting for him and the Patriots to succeed.

    Cam, I understand what and why you are doing this and I am now a fan rooting for your success. I look forward to seeing you play this year. Best of luck Sir.

  23. We know exactly what cam is, we all saw the press conference after the Super Bowl and the non-dive for the fumble

  24. “So check it out, its like this. If I lose, the Patriots take my services clean and clear. But if I win, I take the cash and I take the respect”

    -Cam Newton
    The Fast and the Furious (2001)

  25. About as responsible of a statement as one can make. Seems like free agency humbled him a bit and he seems eager for an opportunity to grow as a player more than anything. Good on him.

    Sherman could learn from this when SF dumps him next time Sammy Watkins burns him in the biggest game of all.

  26. I feel totally confident that Cam could’ve gotten a much better offer.
    Bottom line is he wants to be a Patriot. It’s his Prerogative.

  27. BB wants to run the ball, play good defense and special teams. Willing to bet BB is glad to have Newton there.

  28. He took the only offer on the table. Look around the league, who else could offer a good shot at being the starting QB? That’s why the price was so low. This was an unusual offseason where there were more available QB’s than openings.

  29. Sorry, Cam. You lost everyone’s respect when you weren’t man enough to fall on your own fumble in SB 50. Your teammates still hate you. Ask them. That and the ridiculous clown show clothes, hats and canes you wear, you and public respect are miles apart. And Belichick? You think he respects you? You’re just a low rent, cog in the wheel, zero risk to him that he is in Hope’s of you maybe winning a game or two. Respect? You dont even know how to spell the word.

  30. The contract is structured so that if they don’t like what they see in training camp they can cut him before the season begins and only be on the hook for $550k. If he can’t beat out Stidham that may be exactly what they’ll do.

  31. You want some respect?

    Stop wearing clown suits, jump on your fumbles and stop sulking like a friggin baby when things don’t go right.

    That’s a start.

  32. Respect? You lost total respect when you decided to not to dive on that fumble. What you did revealed your true heart, or lack there of. Best of luck, but I’m thinking this ends ugly.

  33. @deadinbed

    Because I’m sure you’re in the locker room enough to qualify to comment of Cam’s respect from the Panthers

  34. Brian Hoyer and Cam Newton combine for a record of 0-8 in the last 8 games they started. New England have a lot of “respect” for both quarterbacks by signing them both.

  35. Chiefs Chop Chiefs Chop says:
    July 2, 2020 at 2:07 pm
    Pretty obvious that’s what it is about when Matt Barkley makes more than you.
    That’s because Matt Barkley is better than Cam Newton.

  36. Exactly. IMO Cam got a fair deal, incentives to prove it if he can still play to the level he thinks he can. And if he does then he will get a mega contract next year, it’s a win/win for everybody.

    I wasn’t sure why a lot of people were salty about Cam’s contract when he himself was happy with it lol.

  37. Respect is earned….

    which explains why Kaepernick still isnt and wont ever be signed…

  38. Like his coverage on man to man deep routes, Sherman is a step behind. You don’t get paid for what you did in the past, at least by smart franchises, in the NFL. Newton and the Pats can both benefit in the long run here.

  39. You have to beat out Stidham first before you get the job. Nothing is guaranteed and Stidham has a leg up in the competition since he is more familiar with the system.

  40. That’s because Matt Barkley is better than Cam Newton.


    Josh Allen is Cam Newton 2.0

  41. Respect? All I need to know was he has a felony arrest for stealing from fellow students. But he will fit right into the Patriots culture

  42. One thing is almost 100% certain, no Pats QB will start all 16 games next year. If Cam wins the job, he’ll likely miss at least a game or two. If Stidham gets it, he’ll get the hook if he struggles, as the Pats have a very tough schedule this year.

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