Current NY guidelines preclude fans, and tailgating

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If the season started today, the Bills would have to play in front of an empty stadium, with no tailgaters.

(Also, a lot of people would be saying “Why is the season starting on July 2?”)

According to the Buffalo News, the current guidelines issued by the state of New York detail the procedures pro sports teams have to go through to resume any kind of business. As with all things, they’re subject to change based on the spread of COVID-19.

The guidelines say: “No live audience, fans, or spectators will be authorized to attend any professional sporting competition or training program at the time of publication.”

At the time of publication” is doing the heavy lifting, as we’re months from any potential preseason game, or the Sept. 13 regular season opener.

The document also says sports teams must: “Prohibit fans from congregating outside the venue and implement a security plan to safely disperse any individuals that gather outside of the venue.”

The Bills are already offering their season ticket holders the right to opt out of this season, and it appears likely that playing to reduced crowds — if any — will be part of the reality for the return of pro sports.

9 responses to “Current NY guidelines preclude fans, and tailgating

  1. It seems inconsistent that we can “Prohibit fans from congregating outside the venue and implement a security plan to safely disperse any individuals that gather outside of the venue.” Yet we allow thousands to gather outside City Hall in NYC and no one is dispersed.
    Does Dr. Fauci has some new research that shows the virus can only be passed when people are jumping through tables ?

  2. Call it a protest. Show your support to root against the opposing team. Show up with a sign that says Beat (Insert any AFC team here)!

    It works in NYC. You will be loved and revered by the media.

  3. Tailgating could easily be converted into protesting. Problem solved so long as you’re protesting the acceptable things.

  4. The rules in NY prohibit mass gatherings unless you are doing it for social justice causes, then you are immuned from the virus.

  5. Perhaps if the fans torch a few cars and burn down a concession stand or two NY’s Liberals will be ok

  6. So some of you guys are equating tailgating and drinking beer with protesting social issues.

    Nice leap there.

    How about all those protests in early May about the lockdown. Is that the same too?

  7. Not to worry Bill fans. Kim and Terry Pegula will be in their private luxury box. Kim listening to the the offensive play calling dressed up in everything high end. While Terry eats caviar and drinks champagne. Remember it’s all about keeping up with the standard of living the Pegula’s are accustomed too.

  8. A crowd is a crowd. The second the experts claimed protesting was more important than social distance guidelines, they lost their credibility. Just have all fans take temperature checks and sign waivers so no one can sue.

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