Jacob Martin on Bill O’Brien’s pledge to kneel: That speaks volumes

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Texans coach Bill O’Brien has pledged to kneel with his players during the national anthem this season to protest social injustice.

Linebacker Jacob Martin appreciates the coach’s show of solidarity.

“I think that speaks volumes,” Martin said during a video call, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “As a coach, he doesn’t understand necessarily what some of his black players go through, but he’s an ally for sure. Someone who’s speaking out and using his platform to learn not only for himself, but to teach those around him. I think that’s very important to have from the top.

“We had talked about it on the calls we’ve had as players talking about using our platforms and using the Texans’ platforms along with the McNairs’ to help Houston move in the right direction to get the changes that we seek. It needs to be something that’s radical and something that happens as soon as possible, especially now when we have all of the eyes on the movement. I think that’s huge.”

13 responses to “Jacob Martin on Bill O’Brien’s pledge to kneel: That speaks volumes

  1. It sure does speak volumes. It says your coach has no backbone and caves to the BLM left wing Marxist crowd. Never win anything with that spineless personality.

  2. Too bad there won’t be football this season. By next season, everyone will be talking about Jordan Love being the hottest QB in the game.

  3. He’s a terrible coach that is hanging onto his coaching job by the thread to do whatever it takes to keep it.

  4. This subject has really gotten out of hand. How/why is it extremists convinced themselves each skin tone hates one another? (I hope I am saying this correctly as I in no way want to hurt anyone’s feelings/thoughts). I think the majority of us allow each other to live and let live. The majority of us have respect for one another but the extremists are getting all the attention right now. Let me ask you this and then you can better decide how you feel about this uprising.
    Assume you were in a car accident and you lost the lower part of your leg or the upper part of your arm. A man from your opposite race is wanting to use his belt as a tourniquet to stop your from bleeding out. Do you let him? Or do you cop an extremist attitude yada yada?

  5. If they play the “Black National Anthem” at these games, all whites and “non-blacks” should take a knee. After all, it’s not disrespectful. Right?

  6. Do the kneeler’s even know what the last three lines of the “Black National Anthem” are?

    “May we forever STAND,
    True to our God,
    TRUE to our NATIVE land.”

    Maybe Kaepernick isn’t so “woke” afterall with his “white priviledge” upbringing and yet he kneels for the anthem and despises his country.

    It’s extremely ironic that this “anthem” was written by an NAACP leader, James Weldon Johnson and was first performed in public as part of a celebration of Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, 1900 by a choir of 500 schoolchildren at the segregated Stanton School, where James Weldon Johnson was principal.

    James Weldon Johnson would be ashamed of Kaepernick and his disciples.

  7. I don’t judge any person by the color of their skin. If you do then there is something wrong with your mental health.Life is too short to be a hater. That being said O’brien should take a knee to hope he can become a better coach.

  8. “. . . to get the changes that we seek. It needs to be something that’s radical and . . . as soon as possible.”

    What is he talking about? What radical changes does he want? Does he even know?

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