Name change necessary for RFK site to be option for new Washington stadium

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If Dan Snyder wants a new stadium for his football team within the confines of the District of Columbia, he must first change the name of the team.

According to Liz Clarke of the Washington Post, a name change is a prerequisite to any discussion about using the site where RFK Stadium currently sits for the construction of a new NFL stadium for the Washington franchise.

“There is no viable path, locally or federally, for the Washington football team to return to Washington, D.C., without first changing the team name,” Washington D.C. Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio said.

The land RFK Stadium sits on is federally owned by the National Park Service and controlled by the city through 2038.

FedEx Field is the current home of the team and has been since 1997. It sits approximately eight miles east of RFK Stadium in Landover, Maryland. Meanwhile, RFK Stadium sits in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol in the heart of Washington D.C. Snyder is seeking a new stadium for the team as he views it as part of the reason for sagging attendance for the franchise.

Pressure continues to mount against the team to change the name that is viewed to be a racial slur. Investment firms are putting pressure on sponsors to pull their support from the team. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser declared it’s time to change the name. So did the granddaughter of the team’s founder, George Preston Marshall, who said last week she was glad to see the monument to her grandfather removed from the RFK Stadium site.

“The time [for the name] has ended,” said U.S. representative Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. “There is no way to justify it. You either step into this century or you don’t. It’s up to the owner of the team to do that.”

38 responses to “Name change necessary for RFK site to be option for new Washington stadium

  1. Pretty sure the sagging attendance is due to Dan being a horrible owner who puts out a horrible product year after year.

  2. This pandering of demanding of things is gross. Go to work and take care of your own affairs.

  3. Abuse of power? Conflict of interests? Questionable ethics? How can this deputy mayor remain in a position of power representing all residents of Washington?

  4. Naw, I see Snyder moving his team to another city before caving in to the MOB of political correctness

  5. Aloha –
    Whoops. No tax breaks for you!
    The tide is turning. Why give money to a billionaire owner who clings to a name defined as racist in the dictionary?
    Is Mr Snyder’s picture next to that definition, too?


  6. Washington Warhawks has a nice ring to it…plus he would make a billion dollars in new merch sales…

  7. Why is some clown from Arizona opining on the Washington D.C. football team’s name? Did he solve all the problems in his district this term?

  8. Who says Dan even wants the old RFK site??? When has he ever even said that. He’ll build another stadium in Maryland before he changes the name. Get over it.

  9. The team should have never left RFK stadium … one of the most electric home field stadiums that ever existed in pro football

  10. Moving to a new stadium simply moves the problem of low attendance, and that is poor on field performance. It is just not worth the time and money going to a game and watch a team lose.

  11. You are once again in the crosshairs Washington Racial Slurs. You skated by before Dan, but if Mississippi had to change their state flag to appease the fake virtue signalers…you don’t stand a chance this time around. The NFL can virtue signal and say they care about their players and their causes, but the NFL knows that they can’t be taken seriously when one of their own franchises is a racial slur.

    It will be freaking hilarious to see all the other than white players led by a minority coach take a knee for the national anthem in Washington DC of all places in the name of social equity and wokeness while wearing Washington Racial Slurs uniforms and a helmet that sports a Native American. The irony is amazing, this is next level stupid.

  12. Well it’s pretty simple then, the stadium won’t be in DC and it will cost them millions upon millions every year in revenue and thousands of jobs for the city. Well played politicians. Kinda like kicking out Amazon from a run down part of NYC that could have helped revitalize it. These people literally can’t help themselves. You can’t fix dumb.

  13. The Redskins won’t be moving into DC. That much is obvious. And why? Because a bunch of white people are offended by the name even though it is not racist at all. I have never heard that word used in a racist fashion and it is not derived from a racist past. So, why is it racist? Because it is?

  14. Yes…Dan Snyder would use the relocation card to get what he wants. San Antonio is still on the table for a franchise. He would relocate AND THEN CHANGE the name. NEW city new name and he saves face.

  15. They do not need a new stadium whatsoever.

    Stop corporate welfare for billionaires.

  16. I see lots of comments about Snyder moving the team. In this day and age, he can move the team wherever he wants, and a name change will be required.

    No city is going to take the name “Redskins” as team name.

  17. Majority of loyal fans are in Virginia. Place the stadium in Dulles and you have a better chance of minimizing fans of the opposing teams taking over. DC I s full of fake Cowboys fans. Md is bandwagon Ravens fans.

  18. Who cares? Keep them in Maryland or move them to Northern Virginia. The current stadium is way too big and generic. Just make it a bit less of a vanilla stadium from the 90’s and drop capacity from 80,000+ to 65,000, problem solved.

    Dan, if you’re reading this, DO NOT CAVE!

  19. The Supreme Court ruled in this already. This is nonsense that this keeps getting revisited. He’s not changing the name nor should he. Lol yeah let’s see people turn down billions of dollars the Redskins can generate because of their supreme court approved name. I would love the team to Va or Md before giving into this nonsense and I’m sure one of them would he more than happy to accept the Redskins.

  20. I have a hard time believing that running a team poorly could possibly cause a decline in attendance.

    Has that ever happened in the history of sports that if you run a team poorly for 2-+ years fans get fed up and stop attending?

    There are 2 obvious solutions to sagging attendance:

    1 – a new stadium (with the same garbage product)

    2 – new uniforms. Maybe those bright new “rush” colors will turn bums into all pros.

    Seriously – just sell the team. How much fun can it be to run a team into the ground for 20+ years?

  21. Forget the politics. A name change could be part of a new era for the team. Not likely with Snyder as owner, since he seems content to sink further and further into the mire. Speaking of which, I vote for the Swamp Monsters as the new team name.

  22. Snyder is seeking a new stadium for the team as he views it as part of the reason for sagging attendance for the franchise.

    No, it’s sagging because they suck. They suck because Snyder is a terrible owner. There should be ZERO concessions for him to build a new stadium. He has enough money, he should build it himself. If he doesn’t like it sell the team to someone who actually knows what they are doing. He should not receive one penny of taxpayer money. None.

  23. The Redskins will move and then the SJW’s will say it was Snyder’s fault when it was really the Mayor and themselves to blame.

    That’s just the way it is.

  24. This new movement doesn’t seem to understand they are following the fascism playbook.

    They crush any speech they don’t agree with, the destroy history they don’t agree with and accomplish their goals be means of force not by voting/democracy. Following the same pattern many of those that consider themselves the intellectual elite encourage this because it furthers their personal ideology.

    This particular action is in direct contradiction of the 1st amendment and free speech but that doesn’t seem to occur to those who think they know better.

  25. Way to show your cards…Now Danny has the leverage.

    1. If the taxpayers pay for the construction, then I’ll change the name.

    2. If the taxpayers do not pay for the construction, then I’ll relocate & change the name.

  26. It is a great name, along with a phenomenal fight song. The term “Redskins” is never ever used as racist label, except by the self righteous attempting to prove their moral superiority by bullying the team into changing their name.

  27. If Snyder wants a new stadium, he can change the name or pay for the entire stadium himself. It is pretty easy to understand. The times they are a changing, and changing for the better.

  28. Snyder won’t budge till it hits him in the pocketbook, and that won’t likely ever happen unless he needs the stadium revenue from a new location or sponsors start to bail.

  29. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    “Yes…Dan Snyder would use the relocation card to get what he wants. San Antonio is still on the table for a franchise. He would relocate AND THEN CHANGE the name. NEW city new name and he saves face.”

    And rename the team to the Aztecs

  30. Snyder should just approach some of the tribes with casinos and see if they’d like to finance a stadium for him right on their tribal lands next to one of their hotel/casino resorts. They can work out if the name is really a problem or not. Money talks – if it’s that offensive, it’ll get done.

  31. RFK sits on Federal land, the FED has to sell the land to city (or state of DC fingers cross—-Taxation with Representation) and they don’t even know if the FED is willing to sell the land (its a hope and prayer).

  32. Change the team name, you might as well relocate them to another city and start over. I live in a city that lost a franchise, we’ve gotten by just fine and don’t need the NFL anymore and appreciate having our Sunday’s open to do other things..

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