Nine more NBA players test positive for COVID-19

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As the NBA prepares to resume play in Orlando later this month, more players are testing positive for COVID-19 before they arrive.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski of, the NBA announced that nine more NBA players have tested positive for the coronavirus.

In testing that was conducted from June 24-29, nine of the 344 players tested came back positive, bringing the total to 25 of 351 players tested since June 23.

With numbers popping up in MLS camp (also in Orlando, where six players from one team tested positive), it creates a reasonable doubt about the ability to finish any competitions that begin.

The NBA also announced that in testing of 884 team staffers between June 23-29, 10 have tested positive. That means players are testing positive at a much higher rate (seven times higher) than coaches and athletic trainers and others who would be in the NBA’s bubble.

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  1. I’d sure like to know the numbers of players that are actually sick. Testing positive apparently doesn’t really mean squat for most people, especially when the recovery rate from Covid-19 is supposed to be around 99%. So far, I haven’t read anything about any professional athletes being so sick they ended up in the hospital on a ventilator.

  2. Combine that with FL posting its highest covid case total over 10,000 today, Thats a wrap!

  3. All these positive test and very few deaths is good news. Similar to the flue, covid is not a death sentence. I don’t think one professional athlete in good health has lost his life to the virus. As a matter fact very few males under the age of 50 have succumbed to the virus.
    Time to play ball.

  4. I’ve tried t post this a few times but it gets moderated out every time. We’ll see if it does this time…

    No way the NFL season is happening. This right here is exactly why. Until there’s some kind of therapy, come kind of recourse, something like what Tamiful is for the Flu, they’re going to have to shut down whole teams every time there’s 3,5 9 players on one team that come down with this thing. It’s inevitable. What then? Forfeits? And the player’s union has basically said they’re not coming back until it’s sufficiently safe. Which, until there’s a therapy of some kind, it won’t be. Period. End of story.

  5. They’re recruiting the public as snitches to inform the league if players break contain and try to escape the “Bubble” into the real world where the bars, beaches and a raging Covid19 resurgence is occuring in Fl where the governor has declared victory against the disease which is “only a flu”.
    This whole NBA clown show epitomizes why western Europe, which is roughly the same size and population of the USA, had ~5000 new cases last Friday and we had ~45,000. We continue to disregard the concerted advice of medical experts who tell us what slimeball politicians don’t want to hear.
    We won’t swallow the bitter pill that will eventually cure us because it’s unpleasant tasting today, prolonging the suffering, both economic and humanitarian. Locking it all down 2 months ago might have contained the situation but that ship has sailed. All we can do is lessen the impact by listening to the medical experts. And riding it out.
    Covid19 has broken contain.

  6. I’ve been working from home since mid- March, AND not going outside my house without a mask and maintaining social distance. No eating out, no bars, no neighborhood picnics, no beach trips.

    If everyone had done this the pandemic would have been over in April. Don’t blame the pols, it’s the people to blame.

  7. We are now all experts in infection numbers. It no longer is about high death rates, it’s just about mandatory face mask compliance forever more because now a swine flu is on its way. Every inch you give in, 2 is taken.

  8. In German soccer, the infected individual is quarantined, others tested, and they play on. When the infected person retests as negative they come back to the team.

    The fatality rates for under 40 are extremely extremely low – its science.

    The same plan from Germany will work here fine…. Play ball!

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