Pandemic will likely push teams toward cashless transactions

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The headline from Wednesday’s item from Daniel Kaplan of focused on the possibility that team’s will ask fans who attend games (if any attend games) to sign a waiver. But there was more to Kaplan’s story regarding pro football in a pandemic.

For example, the ongoing public-health crisis likely will push teams even more aggressively toward a post-cash existence.

“In some of the guidelines we encourage cashless transactions,” an unnamed source familiar with the league office’s coming COVID-19 guidelines to teams told Kaplan. “And so you’ll see that it gives you recommendations, yes to have prepackaged, pre-ordered food if you can, as much as you can. And I think you’ll see that was a trend, in some cases, prior to COVID. But now it’s just kind of in overdrive.”

The Falcons, as Kaplan notes, are the only cash-free team. More are expected to follow. The biggest hurdle includes installing the hardware to allow cards to be swiped or inserted at concessions locations. One necessary item of machinery will be “reverse ATMs,” which allow customers to instantly goose their accounts by making cash deposits.

It also helps if customers are fully aware of the shift, so that they can leave their paper money at home, with their change.

13 responses to “Pandemic will likely push teams toward cashless transactions

  1. Somehow I don’t think they’ll allow fans to bring their own food. It would be much safer, but as Goodell has shown….the bottom line is always filling the pockets of the owners.

  2. “Pandemic will likely push teams toward cashless transactions”
    NFL forcing politics on fans will make their bank accounts cashless

  3. All the more reason to stay home and watch the games on the widescreen while munching hot dogs and sipping cold beer.

  4. Just a hunch, but the NFL and it’s teams may be completely underestimating just how “cashless” (and for reasons other than CV-19), this season may be.

  5. I understand the push to cashless as an option, whether at stadiums or elsewhere. But, it seems like too often, you insert or swipe your card, but then are still required to hit the touch screen multiple times in order to process your transaction. That may prevent the workers from handling the cash, but it really doesn’t do much to help the customers if they all have to touch the same touch screen or key pad to finish their transactions.

  6. The number of people that use cash is growing smaller with each passing day. Debit and Credit cards have become the preferred method of payment in almost every store, restaurant, etc.
    I’m assuming the people that don’t like this idea still pay their bills by writing paper checks every month too.

  7. This just in, some people like to fly under the radar and don’t like being tracked 24/7.


  8. “I’m assuming the people that don’t like this idea still pay their bills by writing paper checks every month too.”

    Sounds like you have never been to a game with a family. Here’s how it works: Cash allows the kiddos to get some of their own concessions which keeps you from missing the entire game standing in line. Also, quite a few parking lots near stadiums are still cash-only on game day (at least in my city). AND, if you are budget conscious, it’s easier to control your spending when you take X amount of cash because when it’s gone you are done which is far simpler than trying to keep track of how much you have put on a card.

  9. I will use cashless, creditless, checkless transactions for the NFL. In fact I will be TV-less and Internetless as well. The NFL and their disrespect of this great country get zero support here

  10. There’s been a war on cash for a number of years now, they’re trying to accelerate that with the coronavirus as the opportunity.

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