Report: NFL uninterested in delaying 2021 draft even if college plays in spring

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Every football league is considering every scenario for getting this season played.

Several college programs already have had to shut down their strength and conditioning work due to too many positive COVID-19 tests. That does not bode well for getting in a fall season.

That’s why college football could end up playing in the spring.

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour called playing in the spring “a last resort,” but it is an idea college football has considered.

Dan Wolken of USA Today reports that college football officials quietly have inquired with the NFL about whether the league would consider pushing back the 2021 draft in the event of a spring season for the colleges. The NFL, according to Wolken, made clear it isn’t interested.

The 86th NFL draft is scheduled for April 29 to May 1, 2021, in downtown Cleveland.

7 responses to “Report: NFL uninterested in delaying 2021 draft even if college plays in spring

  1. Our world has bigger fish to fry currently than the date of next year’s NFL Draft. Have it in April, May, July, December, or whenever ya choose!

  2. Very smart & PROFESSIONAL reply from the NFL. Let NCAA handle their own business and then then NFL will adjust the 2021 Draft WHEN THE NEED COMES.

    Strange why the media thinks they’re entitled to know every single contingency plan a business has for an event 10-11 months away. Stay focused people.

  3. I agree with some other guy. The NFL can worry about their draft on their own terms. The NCAA can schedule their season when it makes sense. The two things will ultimately fall in line because that’s the way this all works, neither one needs the other’s blessing.

  4. It’s a hypothetical question being asked during the most turbulent time in decades. I’d think it would be impossible to speculate right now. The league didn’t say cross my heart and hope to die. They gave a company answer. I remember just a few months ago they announced my kids’ schools would be shutting down for 3 days for cleaning. Within 24 hours they changed that to two weeks. It’s been nearly four months, and they haven’t gone back to school. When they originally announced shutting down for 3 days, that was simple to buy time. They’re still buying time. They just don’t know. The NFL doesn’t know either. Nobody knows. I wouldn’t ask that question and expect a serious answer. Besides, most decent scouts already know who the good players are. So from a fan’s standpoint, it just doesn’t matter that much.

  5. So let’s say that CFB is not played in the Fall/Winter.

    How do you hold a draft in April when none of the College players have played that year?

    That would be a bit of a crapshoot for all but a couple of players.

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