Report: Players could face fines for “reckless” behavior under detrimental conduct

Getty Images

As the NFL tries to find a way to successfully execute its 2020 season, the NFL Players’ Association held a conference call on Thursday for its player representatives to discuss concerns about the upcoming season.

According to Dan Graziano of, one of the points discussed on the call was that players could be fined for conduct detrimental for engaging in “reckless” behavior. Some of the examples by Graziano were eating out at restaurants or getting rides in Ubers.

Football will not be in a post-coronavirus world when the season gets set to begin in September. The challenge for the league, its teams and the players will be to mitigate the risks involved as much as possible. While it’s unlikely to expect hundreds of young athletes to purely commute from home and to work every day with no other outside interactions, the need to minimize exposure will be a big part of getting the football season successfully played.

Conduct detrimental is usually a fairly high standard for penalties to be used. Exactly where the threshold would be to consider a line to have been crossed to warrant a fine is uncertain. But it’s going to be very high importance for players to be reasonable about what they do outside of the building.