Robert Quinn wants to be “icing on the cake” for Bears defense

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The Bears made a change at outside linebacker this offseason when they released Leonard Floyd and signed Robert Quinn as a free agent.

On paper, the move looks like one that should bear fruit for the team’s pass rush. Floyd had 11.5 sacks over the last three seasons while Quinn posted that many coming off the edge for the Cowboys last season.

If he can post something similar on a defense with the likes of Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks joining him in the front seven, the Bears should make life difficult for opposing offenses. On a recent appearance on Terrell Owens’ podcast, Quinn said that’s how he envisions things playing out.

“They already have the talent there,” Quinn said, via “I’m just trying to bring the icing on the cake. I believe in my talents. I know what I bring to the table and again I know what they had there already. I think with that formula, we can do something special this year.”

The Bears Defense didn’t slip much after allowing the fewest points in the league in 2018 and a big year for Quinn would help push them back in the other direction. Whether that makes a difference in the standings will have a lot to do with how things shape up on offense in Chicago.

11 responses to “Robert Quinn wants to be “icing on the cake” for Bears defense

  1. The most underrated addition of the offseason.

    Bears linebackers: Mack, Roquan Smith, Danny Trevathan, and now Quinn. Insane.

  2. Hopefully, Bears fans will keep balanced expectations regarding Quinn’s impact. He is a talented pass rusher, to be sure, but he averaged 8 sacks per 16 games over the previous 3 seasons before 2019. Was it a matter of him returning to form, or did Demarcus Lawrence draw extra attention? Or, did Dallas’s gap-disruption scheme suit Quinn’s quickness, and he won’t be able to pin his ears back as often on the Bears? It should be noted that Quinn is not a quality run defender, and seems to do little in terms of holding an assignment or ground against the run…if he’s asked to play an assignment, it might render his pass rushing less effective, or if he continues in this pass rush style he might also continue to be a negative against the rush.

  3. “Was it a matter of him returning to form, or did Demarcus Lawrence draw extra attention?”

    The Bears also have a promising rusher on the other side of Quinn, who goes by the name of Mack. Please keep it hush hush. We’re trying to sneak up on people this year.

  4. This is his 4th team in as many years. He’s not icing anything. Overpaid for a journey man who raises his fist and kneels during the Anthem.

  5. the bears are settling back into their old reliable role as a jobber / spoiler. good for 6 to 9 wins and advancing the plot for the real contenders

  6. One of a few quality players the Cowboys let go this offseason. Better than D-Law.
    But CeeDee Lamb is going to replace them all, right Dallas? 😛

  7. Say what you want about the offense, but that is one solid D. People blather on about Mack, but Hicks seems to be just as valuable, as was evident after he got hurt last year.

  8. It doesn’t matter if they don’t play. And when are the Bears going to realize the they need some semblance of an offense as well? A great defense shouldn’t be on the field 70 percent of the time.

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