South Carolina governor warns of no football in his state this year

Getty Images

If Clemson and the University of South Carolina will be practicing and playing football this year, those schools may be practicing and playing in a state other than South Carolina.

Via, South Carolina governor Henry McMaster has made it clear that he won’t lift his prohibition on spectator sports if things don’t change when it comes to the pandemic.

I will not remove those restrictions,” McMaster said. “I cannot lift those restrictions, if these numbers continue to rise and the danger persists. I can’t do it. I won’t do it. This fall will not be like other falls. We will not be able to have college football. We will not be able to have high school football.”

McMaster separately issued a clear directive to all South Carolinians regarding the things they need to do: “Let me make it very clear. Wear a mask and social distance now so we can enjoy high school and college football in South Carolina this fall.”

South Carolina has become a hotbed of the virus, with people visiting South Carolina from other states and bringing it back to their own states, like my state of West Virginia. Where cases are rising and where people refuse to wear masks because mask-wearing became a political issue and it’s virtually impossible at this point to make it not a political issue.

It never should have been a political issue. It’s no longer a political issue. Wear a mask when in public, if you want to watch football this year.