David Njoku asks Browns to trade him

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The Browns exercised their 2021 option on tight end David Njoku‘s contract, but Njoku would prefer to be playing somewhere else by the time next year rolls around.

Njoku has requested a trade away from Cleveland ahead of this season. His agent Drew Rosenhaus told Adam Schefter of ESPN that he informed the team of that request on Friday and that the Browns responded by saying they want to keep the 2017 first-round pick, but Njoku and Rosenhaus would like to see a move made before training camp opens later this month.

“It is in David’s best interest to find a new team at this time,” Rosenhaus said.

Njoku broke his wrist last season and only appeared in four games. He has 93 catches for 1,066 yards and nine touchdowns. The Browns signed Austin Hooper as a free agent and drafted Harrison Bryant in the fourth round earlier this year.

36 responses to “David Njoku asks Browns to trade him

  1. Good for him, he realizes they are just going to throw to obj and Landry, nick chubb is good not enough balls to go around.

  2. Just another first round bust who thinks he’s great. The NFL is full of them. I bet he has a boatload of excuses.

  3. If he has trade value, then trade him, don’t have him sit on the bench and get nothing for him. If he doesn’t have trade value, and is being a cancer, then don’t trade him.
    Let him sit and make an example out of him for future players to see.

  4. Injury prone, if I were the Browns I would ask for a 2nd round pick or just let him rot on the bench

  5. hope some team needs a TE doing camp . not much trade value right now . drops the easy 1s and cant block .

  6. If I’m looking to draft a player, and cannot decide between Player A and Player B, who have similar metrics and potential, but Player A is being represented by Drew Rosenhaus, I’m drafting Player B.

  7. And it’s in the Browns best interest that Njoku shut his mouth, show up to work, earn his paycheck and play out his contract.
    Guess who wins this argument? Certainly not that slimeball Rosenhaus.

  8. He is a former 1st round pick, would love to see the Browns get another first round pick from another team.

  9. Will never live up to his potential at TE, he can’t block or catch. Take a third rounder and say bye bye.

  10. I think he likes being a celebrity more than playing football. I’d send him to Jacksonville for all the media attention he deserves.

  11. Football isn’t happening this year anyways so why even bother with trades for a fictional season.

  12. I still think he can play. They could probably get a 6th for him. The pats might give up a little more.

  13. ajandrew2020 says:
    July 3, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    He is a former 1st round pick, would love to see the Browns get another first round pick from another team.


    They’d be lucky to find a sucker that gives them a third. In reality they are going to take a fifth round pick or get nothing for him next season.

  14. The odds that the Browns might get a 1st round pick, or even a 3rd, are almost zero.

    The best they will get for an unproven player openly demanding a trade is a 5th, and they would be very lucky to get that.

  15. jnps90 says:
    July 3, 2020 at 2:44 pm
    Great athlete, has feet for hands & can’t stay healthy. Bye


    “Can’t stay healthy” is a stretch. Broke his wrist in 2019 in a pretty freak situation where he landed on his head and was concussed in the process. Played all 16 games the previous two seasons he’d been in the league. Other than a minor knee thing in 2018 (didn’t miss time due to it), pretty sure he hasn’t had any other major injuries in either college or the NFL. Doesn’t exactly scream “injury prone.”

  16. If he can’t catch or block, why did the Browns pick up his option?
    It seems that Browns fans want history to keep repeating itself.

  17. broke his wrist because he tried to catch a inaccurate ball thrown by Baker

  18. He had some drops that first year, but so did everybody. Baker likes to zing it… sometimes when he doesn’t need to. Njoku actually had a higher year one catch percentage than Landry. His hands are fine. Last year, Baker couldn’t keep the ball down. Some receivers didn’t bother chasing. To his credit, Njoku did, and got dropped on his head for it. Stefanski likes 2 tight end sets. We haven’t seen the best of Njoku. Be a mistake to trade him, as we’ll get less than he’s worth.

  19. Eric Ebron was a “bust” in Detroit, then caught 13 touchdowns his first year in Indianapolis.

  20. With the amount of 12 personnel they’ll be running you’d think a TE would be happy. Could be a breakout year for him, clean slate with a new staff too.

  21. The guy had talent but being a catching tight end with hand And shoulder injury issues is kind of a crutch at this point because it had affected his play. I respect that he wants out considering the Browns the last two seasons are DEEP at tight end that are more reliable which means less field time but I think it’s a horrid move career wise. Jordan Cameron did the same thing and killed his career as a team that didn’t draft you isn’t going to be as loyal and as patient with injury prone players. Just my opinion he should at least try to show teams he can play a full season at a high level before demanding the trade.

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