Trae Waynes working out carefully, since deal is not final

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Trae Waynes got life-changing money from the Bengals this offseason. Except, he hasn’t actually gotten any of it.

The free agent cornerback hasn’t received his $15 million signing bonus from the three-year, $42 million deal he agreed to in March since he still hasn’t completed his official physical with the team doctors (because of the COVID-19 pandemic). And while he’s not complaining about it, it has changed things for him this offseason.

Waynes’ agent Brian Murphy told Albert Breer of that Waynes is being particularly careful with his workouts, for fear of a freak injury impacting him economically.

“I’ve advised Trae not to do any football drills, not to get out there on the field, certainly don’t do any live drills against other people. And my hope is that he’s following my advice,” Murphy said. “He signed a nice offseason contract to go to the Bengals, be the man in their secondary, make a major contribution, and so under ordinary circumstances, he’d be killing himself to get in the best shape possible. He did do all the Zoom calls. Obviously, there’s no physical activity there, and he’d really want to be in the best shape of life, so he can play the best football of his life. But because of the Bengals’ decision, he can’t do that.

“So yeah, he’s gotta be creative, he’s gotta find different ways to be at peak physical performance. But assuming he’s not doing the one-on-one drills, assuming he’s not battling other players, he’s just not gonna be where he otherwise would be in a normal year.”

That’s going to be true for practically every player this offseason, but the financial limbo remains a problem.

The Bengals aren’t the only team not allowing third-party physicals, which some teams have conceded to to finish deals. But now Waynes is waiting in Cincinnati, after moving his family this offseason.

“We regret the challenges that have arisen this year with processing contracts due to coronavirus,” Bengals vice president Troy Blackburn said. “The Bengals are very excited about adding Trae to the roster and are confident that he will be a good player here, but unfortunately issues relating to coronavirus have made contract execution matters harder than anyone wishes. Hopefully agreements can be reached soon between the NFL and the NFLPA that allow the season to get underway, at which point these issues go away.”

Until then, players such as Waynes are left to work out as carefully as they can, and hope nothing unfortunate happens which could complicate their planned signings.

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  1. I’ve advised Trae not to do any football drills. Heck, he never did any his entire time with the Vikings..

  2. This is quite the double edged sword for the teams.

    -Protect themselves from signing players that are injured by making these deals in limbo and scaring the players from working out to get ready
    -Hurt themselves by having these players eventually report but not in football shape thus making it likely they’ll sustain injuries.

  3. Bengals were wise to sign Waynes. I always enjoy a good Bengals thread.

    Little Vikings fans will miss Waynes when they realize the rook Gladney is going to be forced to start week 1. The Vikings have no other options, but to put rooks out there to get absolutely torched.

    This will be a very enjoyable NFL season. I think the Bengals could surprise some people.

  4. Hahah. Packer fans trashing waynes and the Vikings. Typical. Hear it from somebody that isn’t a total moron like packer fans: Waynes was a solid tackling corner but was not what they had hoped in coverage. Too expensive to keep and little upside from where he currently is. He’s very average. Rookies have more potential. Gladney could be a shutdown corner. He took out many of the top receivers in this years draft and was named by many receivers the toughest corner they faced.

    Go back to your outhouses, packer fans.

  5. Trae Waynes has nothing to worry about. He can’t stay within 6 feet of a receiver to save his life.

  6. 65 career int’s, which was 3rd best when he retired and is still tied for 5th best all time and that was 37 years ago when he retired in 83’. Made multiple all pro teams, led the league in ints 2x and was never voted to a pro bowl? Only player in the top 10 career Int’s who’s not in the hall of fame. Why is Ken Riley not in the HOF? Get your heads out of the mud NFL and stop voting in every raider, steeler and cowboy from the 70’s. The voters have gotten sloppy, ineffective and cliquish and it’s time to get fresh blood in there so that they can go back and vette And finally get right the great players who’ve been forgotten into Canton.

  7. These posts, in relation to the Bengals, always come down to trashing a player or making the absurd, and totally incorrect, observation about how cheap the Bengals are.
    Please get the facts or get new material. The Bengals, one of the smallest market teams, is dead in the middle at number 16 when it comes to salaries. They are 26 million short of the highest spending team. Like any low income family, they are careful about how they spend money.

  8. Here’s the deal — Trae Waynes certainly will do “fine” in Cincy. But at $42M for 3 years, “fine” doesn’t cut it. Waynes is a completely serviceable 2nd or 3rd corner, but is not nearly good enough to be the man in the Bengals secondary as declared by his agent. Great tackler, fair coverage guy, injury prone, but completely incapable of judging and adjusting to balls in the air. Just not a #1 CB and not worth that money. In Cincy’s defense, they got an amazing deal with Mackensie Alexander — that will be the CB Bengals fans will appreciate the most.

  9. Trae is a true Buffalo Soldier tackling machine but not sure thats whats you want from a CB….14 million per year is waaaaaaaay too much.

  10. Trae will be a good player for Cincinnati. Unfortunately, those fans will grow to hate him, not because he’s bad, but because he’s nowhere near worth the money he got.

  11. Trae must be so relieved to be out of MN, especially with everything that has happened there recently.

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