Lincoln Riley: Moving college football season to spring is “very doable”

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One of the top coaches in college football thinks the season can be moved to the spring without much trouble if the COVID-19 pandemic makes it impossible to play in the fall.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley said that if the situation surrounding the pandemic doesn’t improve in the weeks ahead, delaying the 2020 football season until the spring of 2021 would work.

“To me, this becomes, ‘Do you think [playing in the spring] is doable?’ and I personally do,” Riley said, via “I do believe you can adjust your schedule. You’d have to adjust your schedule to give players plenty of time off to get their bodies back. . . . But I think the people who say it’s not doable, in my opinion, just don’t want to think about it. I just think it would be unwise to take any potential option off the table right now, and I think it would be very difficult to say that the spring’s not a potential option. I, for one, think it’s very doable.”

The NFL wants to keep its season on schedule and also keep next year’s offseason on schedule, including keeping the draft in April even if college football season is played in the spring and hasn’t ended yet. But so much can change in the months ahead that every option is on the table. Including the option of making college football a spring sport for the first time in its 150-year history.

7 responses to “Lincoln Riley: Moving college football season to spring is “very doable”

  1. long term, high school football cannot feed into the college game if the high schools do not keep Fall attendance, that puts even more pressure on the college development system before the NFL draft can be worth a darn again

  2. Of course it’s doable. Football season occurs when it does because of historical reasons. It’s not like deciding when to plant crops!

    As a football fan, I’m sometimes turned off by how important coaches, players, and other fans think football really is to society. It’s entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less.

  3. I think sports should be put on hold until a vaccine or significant treatment modality can be relied on. At this point, I think people are more concerned over their next pay check, staying healthy themselves, and not having to wear masks everyday vs whether a team is playing a game. While sports is nice, I feel that using thousands of tests on healthy athletes just so a league can exist is a waste. We need more testing in urban communities, in medical fields, in nursing homes, and in medically compromised patients before these athletes get tested.
    When sports comes back then it comes back, but right now is not the time.

    We are all fine without sports. This rush to bring back sports is more for owners and athletes bank accounts and TV deals than it is the vendors and other stadium workers. If games are played without fans and in bubbles then this is all about the rich getting richer and not helping stimulate economies or revive communities.

  4. One week after the College Football Championship Game…With the first pick in the 2021 draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson. Please exit the rear door where you’ll immediately be flown to Florida and taken to the team’s practice facility to begin training camp.

  5. Well if that happens then just say to all the seniors thanks for the memories and your services are done. Good luck moving forward.

  6. And what happens when there isn’t a vaccine come Spring?

    If you cant play it in the Fall, you might as well scrap it for the year.

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