New name before 2020 season suggests minimal changes to Washington uniform

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The Washington name, barring a major miracle, will be changing. Multiple reports indicate the change could happen before the season begins.

If that occurs, it’s obvious that the uniforms will undergo minimal changes. Assuming that a new logo comes with the new name, the current helmet logo would be peeled off and replaced and the team name at the bottom of the neck would be replaced.

Of course, Nike would push for a brand-new look, but that would take some time. And the team may not want a brand-new look. It may want the uniform to look as much as possible like it always has, with the only difference being the new name and logo. (Frankly, owner Daniel Snyder may be tempted to try to come up with a new name that salvages the logo.)

As mentioned Friday, a new name may not keep fans of the teams from using the old name, or from singing the fight song with its current lyrics. Regarding any concerns that a name change will result in a gigantic unsold inventory of merchandise, chances are that those who object to the name change will buy up anything they can find with the old name on it. It will be interesting to see whether Nike and other retailers simply gather up the unsold items and destroy them.

35 responses to “New name before 2020 season suggests minimal changes to Washington uniform

  1. Regardless of what you think of the name, the logo is top 5 in the league.

  2. Good luck finding any University of North Dakota “Fighting Sioux” merch. Soon as the change became official, the jerseys tripled in price.

    Snyder will make money from changing the name.

    Those who love the current name will snag the existing merch, and they’ll get the typical merch spike when a team does a redesign.

  3. People still say San Diego chargers. Even people on tv slip up still. It will take 10 plus years for the name to drop from people’a vocabulary.

  4. No matter how many times you say it’s happening, that doesn’t mean it’s happening.

  5. I see Redtails happening for many reasons. One, you see it all over twitter, many African Americans like it. Two,it has military roots, and I know some vets that like it. Three it has historical context which is great for a. team based in DC. Fourth, the current color scheme would work, very minimal change would come to the uniform and helmet. Fifth, it flips the script from a. racist moniker to one honoring people of color who served out country well.

  6. After the re-brand, we know that they will never have a “throwback” uniform… ever.

  7. They should poll a bunch of 5th graders for a new name. They would do a better job than their current ownership, at naming and running the team.

  8. The Skins will have plenty of time to create new uniforms before the season. … which will start in 2021.

  9. Why is Nike riding on their high horse has anyone followed their labor practices in other countries lately. I do think the name should be changed but to think Nike is the end all and be all is pretty hypocritical just like the NBA players threw the Rockets GM under the bus it’s all about the $$$$$$.

  10. Still like WASHINGTON GENERALS but there is a boutique basketball team with that name.

  11. Maybe they can trade for Drew Brees. He would fit right in with the flip flopper ownership.

  12. chastain00 says:
    July 4, 2020 at 3:41 pm
    Washington Tomahawks or Washington Calvary


    So you’ll name them after the place Jesus was allegedly crucified? Or are you being clever and referencing the crucifixion of the team’s former name?

  13. In addition to being just a sucky name, some group would start slagging Redtails within 2 or 3 years for being a “reverse racism” name. This country is such a mess with people running around looking for a chance to be offended so they can make a speech. If there is a change I want Americans but now I’m leaning toward Washington Warthogs.

  14. Likely end up donating excess merchandise to organizations like World Vision or Good360 for distribution in developing nations. Problem is, you’ll have whole generations of kids in these nations associating Redskins with Washington. It’s why they don’t even know about Michael Jordan except that he lost in the Finals to the Lakers, Trailblazers, Sun, SuperSonics and Jazz (twice).

  15. Don’t do it. The NFL is fastly becoming the Not For Long on this path. Lower profits = lower salaries.

  16. For years, Native Americans asked Dan Snyder to change the team’s name and he said he would NEVER do it (and he put NEVER in all caps).
    Nike and FedEx asked him to change the name and less than 24 hours later he all but confirmed he’s going to do it.

  17. Sales revenue of ALL NFL team merchandize is split EQUAL among the 32 team.

    Danny will not make any more money than any of the other team owners!

    Why wouldn’t the other owners support a name change, it is more money for all of them !!

  18. Maybe Nike could hire our native peoples to make their goods. It’s no secret that they could use Nike’s help. But oh……Nike is moral until it comes to their own labor practices and bottom line.

  19. “Of course, Nike would push for a brand-new look, but that would take some time.”

    No kidding. That’s why Nike is pushing for a name change. More money for that corrupt company.

  20. Does the nfl and other leagues realize the enormity of fans that will stop enjoying their product?

  21. I have Spanish and native American ancestry. The term Washington Redskins and that beautiful logo is legendary to me .
    Why is everyone wanting to whipe everything cleana in America? Yes we have a horrible past but the country is not the same country that signed the Declaration of Independence.

  22. I do think the pandemic has reset priorities so the nfl was due for a dip anyway !!!

  23. Just keep the same colors and go with the old USFL team name, The Washington Federals. They were green, black and white. Just keep the yellow and maroon colors and put the Federal sticker on the helmet.

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