NFL wants two stadium fan events during training camp

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It’s unknown whether and to what extent fans will attend games in 2020. Per a source with knowledge of the ongoing talks between the NFL and the NFL Players Association, the league wants to give teams the ability to hold up to two fan events at their stadiums, during training camp.

The union is willing to do it, with limitations.

The number of fans would be restricted (and subject to agreement), and they would be kept distant from players. There would be no interaction between fans and players, and fans in stadiums would be seated a specific number of rows from the field.

Fans also would be subject to temperature checks and screening for symptoms. In domed stadiums, the team would be required to address air-exchange issues before fan events proceed.

The union’s willingness to consent to this approach depends on the number of preseason games to be played. Given that the players want no preseason games, it’s likely that the players will want no fan events during practice, or perhaps only one.

11 responses to “NFL wants two stadium fan events during training camp

  1. And tickets and parking will cost how much? No social distancing, of course. The greed of the NFL knows no bounds.

  2. Maybe health care workers, who probably know the most about this virus, should be only ones in attendance. It would be a nice gesture since they have put their own lives on the line for months, but they could also serve as eyes to how safely or not the NFL handles the health of players, fans and workers.

    They should be guests of the NFL and could really be helpful as long as these pro sports teams want to go ahead and play.

  3. People gravitate to sports in part to forget their cares a bit. Who wants to be part of a temperature checked, waiver signed, socially distant, sterile event.? Thanks but no thanks.

  4. If they are serious about having a 2020 season preseason fan events are an unnecessary risk.

  5. To me, fan events = it’s free. No paying for admission or parking. If that’s what you’re thinking, NFL, I’m still listening. If not, forget it.

  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…the owners see it bleeding away this year BIG TIME. We must do something no matter ridiculous it is.

  7. Interesting. No mention of face masks. Probably the most important safety feature. Think I will stay away.

  8. How many fans attended baseball games from 1918-1920?
    Did they wear masks and get temperature checks? Did any baseball player die from a fan? Does anybody in America know US History or understand that 99% of people will be fine with or without Covid?

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