NFLPA proposes 80-man rosters for training camp

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As the NFL prepares to take 32 teams of up to 90 players each to training camp in a pandemic, plenty of talk has surfaced about smaller rosters being used. The NFL Players Association, which in theory should want as many jobs as possible during camp, has expressed a desire to slash the rosters by 10 per team, from 90 to 80.

That’s a maximum of 2,560 players across the league, 320 fewer spots than the league’s teams would have in any other year.

Teams presumably would be permitted to have even fewer than 80, if they choose. Roster size has always been a maximum, not a minimum.

The union also wants no more than 20 players in a given facility at one time during the initial acclimatization period (training and conditioning) covering the first 21 days of camp. The number doubles to a maximum of 40 during the next phase of 10 days of non-contact practices.

So, basically, teams would have to operate in multiple shift for the first 31 days of camp, if the NFLPA’s recommendation is accepted. The final two weeks of preseason preparation, involving 10 practices (eight padded) would entail the entire roster.

Given this proposed formula, the union’s reasoning for opposing any preseason games becomes more obvious.

None of this becomes official until the two sides agree. But this is another example of the many issues on which agreement will be needed before camps can open, and the clock continues to tick. Loudly.

22 responses to “NFLPA proposes 80-man rosters for training camp

  1. seems like a drop in the bucket . the real issue is how many have to get the virus to shut it all down ??

  2. Normally 90, that’s 320 players not getting a chance, For the times they are a changing

  3. The season will get cancelled. Things are getting worse, not better. Until all Americans start wearing masks, keeping distanced and isolating when exposed, this will continue.

    The US leads the world in COVID infections. The rest of the world looks at us and just shakes their collective head.

    The NFL need to focus on how to pay the players and employees, and start planning to open next year.

  4. It is Spaulding and Judge Smails. Clearly NFLPA didn’t read the CBA and doesn’t understand. Expect the owners to issue orders. Players will follow the orders.

    NFL Player’s Association executive director Gene Upshaw leaves … “He said the players are like cattle and owners are ranchers and the owners can always get more cattle…

  5. radar8, exactly. The bottom line is the virus has to slow down significantly before games can be played and fans are allowed into stadiums.

    I can’t imagine no spike once pro sports is back. Social distancing and masks is all we can do right now to stop the spread. Unfortunately we are heading in the wrong direction.

  6. Good thing ya drafted 15 players this draft Spielman! Youll have to cut 8 or 10 of them before they even hit camp. Lesson should be learned: Instead of trading down numerous times while at the same time, neglecting to improve your most important need, the Oline, maybe use a few of your later round pics to trade up on Saturday for a player you covet instead of see them all go off the board, one by one…..SMH

  7. Nflpa can shove it. They blew it when they wouldn’t let the NFL have a covidd prodcal call during the preseason

  8. If I’m running the NFLPA I’d be looking for a way to get the season shut down. Get my guys a full paycheck without playing a meaningful down. Let’s be real there’s not going to be a season, if the CBA had a stoppage clause where players wouldn’t get paid and wouldn’t accrue a season it would have already been shut down by now.

  9. Question: Florio if (when) there’s no season would contracts toll? That’s what I want to know

  10. college athletes all over the country are testing positive because they’re going to parties and hanging out in clubs with their friends. Nfl players will do the same whether the games are played or not.

    So what are we really preventing with all this panic over on the field exposure?? They’ll still be exposed off the field, might as well play the games.

  11. I would enjoy reading NFL players and the NFLPA stating how the federal government’s poor effort to control the virus in January and February has helped worsen the current situation.

  12. When the players start dropping off on 14 day quarantine or longer if they test positive the season is going to crash and burn. Especially when QBs and skill positions are included.

  13. As Dandy Don Merredith sang during blowouts, “Turn off the lights, the party’s over”.

  14. The virus is much weaker than it used to be when it first hit us and the strength of an NFL athlete precludes him from having greater than the 0.02% mortality rate currently has meaning no one in the NFL is going to die from coronavirus you might get sick just like you would from the flu, but after two weeks you’ll be fine.

  15. Too many selfish anti maskers in this country. That’s why the US leads the world in cases and deaths. Great work guys

  16. Man… this is not the year to be a rookie free agent. They are reducing preseason (probably eliminating eventually) and reducing the number of players at camps. Every year a team finds one or two longshots that surprises the coaches.

    Not this year. I feel bad for those guys.

  17. Does not seem possible to have a season, leading to a labor dispute over pay and a major contraction of the salary cap for 2021. Then a new league year with twice the number of new rookie players for 2020 and 2021. None of this matters if the economy tanks and a job and eating is a daily challenge for many.

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