Players are opposed to mandatory hotel stays during training camp

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As the NFL and NFL Players Association continue to negotiate the pandemic procedures for training camp, one open issue relates to staying in hotels during training camp.

The players want no mandatory hotel stays. Instead, the NFLPA is pushing for optional hotel stays, both during training camp and other periods.

If, for example, players want to isolate from high-risk family members or rookies don’t have housing in their new cities, hotel accommodations would be provided. But no players would ever be required to stay in a hotel in their home markets. (Most teams, even for home games, spend the night in a local hotel before a game.)

Obviously, staying in a hotel creates concerns during a pandemic, given the possibility of catching the virus while staying in rooms that, no matter how clean they look, could be teeming with all sorts of bacteria and viruses and other undesirable compounds. This factor becomes particularly relevant to the question of travel for road games.

Some teams are considering game-day travel. Some players have reacted negatively to that suggestion. Other players may prefer it, because it means fewer opportunities to spend time in a building that could turn out to be Corona Central.

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  1. Let’s make all laws optional. We suggest you don’t rob a bank, but we don’t want big government forcing that on you. We suggest 25 miles per hour through a school zone when children are present, but if you feel safe going 100 mph, it’s a free country. There haven’t been any studies showing kids were killed when drivers went by at 100 mph while kids were in the cross walk. Taxes should be optional too. We don’t need so many rules. We all know right from wrong.

  2. No season

    the players have had it right all along except here

    this is a must or no season. that simple. all it takes is one moron, and let’s be honest, there are many

  3. Players are opposed to doing anything that involves effort on their part. They want to do as little as possible … and get paid as much as possible. They wouldn’t even play the games if they could get away with it.

  4. take a section of the parking lots and construct individual tents for each of them.

  5. The general population won’t even wear masks which are proven to be effective in controlling the virus. And we expect entitled multimillionaire football players to police themselves when it comes to staying safe? The season will be over in two weeks.

  6. Here my prediction. MLB will cancel season. NBA will fire back up and eventually fail leading NFL to postpone season, modify schedule but also eventually fail. Only rhe NHL will hand out their championship trophy this season due to regulations regarding their bubble and genereal cooperation amongst players and the league. Not to mention how much lower the rate is in Canada

  7. Not sure what the issue is here. Sounds like they’d still be able to be themselves and go out and party and blow all thier money….

  8. correctingerrors says:
    July 4, 2020 at 11:41 am

    Wait, why do they have to stay in hotels before home games?


    So that they can travel to the stadium together and arrive together. Also teams like to think they are eliminating the players personal concerns the night before a game. Like young children keeping them from getting a good nights rest. They think it helps players to approach the game more focused.

  9. As much money as they are making they should not complain to anything, even it they make them put a tent in between the lines.

  10. The MLS and NBA bubbles are a joke as the resort, stadium, and hotel workers where they’re staying at are not in the bubble and Florida is one of the worst hit states in the country. This does not bode well for sports in the US where some politicians like to pretend that Coronavirus is a hoax or is over

  11. Players and league officials in all the major sports are just going to have to accept the fact that they may catch COVID-19 during the season. If players aren’t willing to take that chance, fine — play it safe and cancel the season. As for the NFL, it appears the goal is to have the $uper Bowl — becau$e God know$ it’$ the grande$t $pecacle on Earth — and figure out how to get from point A to point B.

  12. It is only a matter of time now, players won’t want to play but will still demand to be paid

  13. Just cancel the season already. Between kneeling and covid the focus won’t be on the only thing that should matter to the NFL. Football.

  14. Cancel the seasons – players get $0 for the season. All contracts automatically extend 1 season, or the player can opt to have the off year count and repay any bonus attached to said off year.

  15. Hey if you don’t want to play, stay home. Forfeit your salary and I will save the Direct TV football pass fee too. If you want your money you will find a way

  16. Now I hope there is no season. Can’t tolerate kneeling whiners, and a separate national anthem played.

  17. This virus is growing leaps and bounds daily. At this rate the NFL is in big trouble. Each of the last 2 days it is increasing nationwide. The “idiot-in chief” now has America banned from traveling overseas. Mask? Every study shows it will slow the spread. If the guy who refuses to wear one would actually hold a presidential talk on all major networks and publicly state “We all need to wear masks. It will slow the spread. I want everyone to wear a mask in any indoor business, and outdoors when you can’t social distance.” That would be leadership. SO simple and clear. Instead let’s do the opposite and hold a rally at Mt Rushmore without any of the guidelines The CDC recommends. “Elect a clown, expect a circus”. And that’s where we’re at. Laughing stock of the world.

  18. Wait, the main transmission of the virus is from person to person, not from touching a surface and then your face. It’s not that common to catch it by touching a surface. So, actually by doing a clean down of the most touched objects in their hotel room and washing their hands, they are safer.

  19. Cancel everything it has been great without sports for the past 4 months, but what has been the best we haven’t been subjected to The Entertainment Sports Political Network

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