Players want no 11-on-11 activities during practice

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When it’s time to play games in 2020, 11-on-11 scenarios will be unavoidable. The league’s players hope that 11-on-11 football will otherwise be avoided, entirely.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFL Players Association wants to limit activities that increase the risk of coronavirus transmission during the 2020 season. This includes, but is not limited to, a request that there be no 11-on-11 activities during practice.

The union also wants limited practices and group activities in the days leading up to travel and games, with restrictions applying as of Thursday of a given week, in order to permit accurate testing and to limit transmission of the virus.

Basically, the players are willing to accept that certain risks are inherent to playing football games in a pandemic. The goal is to find ways to minimize the risks during practices, allowing players to be prepared without putting them in a position that involves close proximity and exposure to respiratory droplets, sweat, saliva, blood, etc.

It remains to be seen whether the league will agree. Coaches surely won’t be thrilled about the prospect of no 11-on-11 practice sessions.

42 responses to “Players want no 11-on-11 activities during practice

  1. seriously? wow, it’s gonna look like pop warner league out there. if you don’t want to play, don’t play but restricting practice like this would just lead to a completely inferior product. I don’t think this is from the players at all, the union seems to be making a bid to get the NFL to say the season will be cancelled. The NBA handed out a 119 page pamphlet of pandemic rules, and that is in a bubble. Their players are opting out and at a loss how to manage all the restrictions. Good luck NFL, seems less and less likely there will be a season, which is what was said months ago, so you may have wasted time and money on hoping to fleece your adoring public once again

  2. That’s a wrap folks. Get your fantasy league fees back this isn’t going to happen.

  3. This is part of the NFL, NFLPA’s continuing absurdity. In case anyone has forgotten, GAMES ARE 11-ON-11. How can you, on the one hand—and with a straight face, continue to talk about having a 2020 season but have no increased risk of coronavirus transmission, which inherent in the very 11-on-11 thay want to limit. This is utter nonsense. Anyone who thinks the season will take place is delusional, which in fact makes them less ridiculous then the NFL.

  4. Players want to do nothing and get paid for it. Let’s stop pretending they’re not using the situation like a tool.

  5. Bull. What’s that saying, never let a good crisis go to waste? If you’re going to accept the risk of playing football all year, then you mind as well practice. This is what all this constant testing is for. Players Union is being opportunistic and copping out – they just don’t want to practice. Pandemic is ultimate leverage and seeing how much they can get away with. The season seemed fun and crazy with Gronk and Brady in a loaded offense going against a loaded Saints team but holy Christ with everything going what, between what the players are proposing and “other things,” just cancel it. This feels gross, people eventually have a way of ruining things worse than any virus that’s for sure

  6. They just don’t want to practice. It’s pretty obvious they are using this as an excuse.

  7. The NFL has announced a 16 game season in which no games will be actually played. They are still working out how to determine who wins and loses.

  8. There is no way that the season gets going this year. This is much ado about nothing

  9. Okay, for every 11 on 11 practice cut, the NFL cuts ticket prices and then cuts a half million off the player contracts. If your going to look like amature’s you might as well be paid like one.

  10. Will the NFL have 11-on-11 activitiies during games? Just curious.
    This nonsense just becomes more and more ridiculous.

  11. Does not look like when I see Tampa Bay’s offense practicing. Also from other things I am hearing, Tampa Bay is not the only one practicing either. What do they want to practice the National Anthem?

  12. jh82208 says:
    July 4, 2020 at 12:59 pm
    That’s a wrap folks. Get your fantasy league fees back this isn’t going to happen.

    And you can thank all the people who HAD to “get back to normal” before the country was ready…and the many fools who walk around without a mask because they believe in comrade Bunker Boy instead of science…

  13. The NFL, the NFLPA and all associated businesses are in for a shock. Fans are fed up with politics regardless of what side of the issue. Most fans respect the players rights outside football and want to contribute to their causes. On game day those same fans want to escape their problems and root for their team and their fantasy players playing and competing at the highest level. Fans aren’t going to watch the game when that quality of play is compromised.

  14. Please shut down the season!
    Please stop posting this in every thread. What football fan actually wants the season cancelled?

  15. pkrlvr says:
    Please stop posting this in every thread. What football fan actually wants the season cancelled?

    I do.
    I love the NFL, I’m also a Packers fan, and there’s a chance I was watching the game before you were born. But due to COVID, protests, no off-season activities, and now continual refusals by the NFLPA to go along with anything, any season we get won’t resemble the game we love, and the consequences could set the game and the league back for a very long time.
    No thanks.

  16. If you don’t wanna put in the effort then don’t show up. But if you don’t show up then don’t expect to collect a paycheck. That’s what the NFL should tell the players.

  17. I can only imagine how sloppy the games will be. With no 11 on 11 practice, a lot of replacement players who normally aren’t good enough to play in the NFL, the games will be full of penalties and injuries. It will be a total joke.

  18. Perfect timing for the NFL to move to its endgame of 7 on 7 no contact flag football, pro-bowl-esque NBA type game to extremely promote the “super” stars with marketing/brand building type calls. So kids if you are a lineman you may want to think about losing some weight and becoming a receiver.

  19. I want I want I want, no 11 on 11, no visors. Same ones will be the first to complain when they get sick.

    If working during the pandemic is good enough for the average Joe. Its good enough for spoiled millionaires.

  20. Sing along to the Doors: This is the End…. my only friend…the End.

    This signals no season in 2020.

  21. If players refuse to practice game situations, there will be no season. It sounds more like the ultimate goal of basically showing up for work the day before the first game of the season and getting paid for using the 1st half the season as preseason.

  22. Sounds like the players don’t care about the quality of play. Just cancel the season and no one gets paid.

  23. Rats!
    Just when everybody had it figured out how they were going to take a knee in protest during the national anthem, but it wasn’t going to be a protest of the national anthem.
    I was really looking forward to seeing how that one worked.

  24. There will be a season. It’s called Pro Madden. Everyone here will eat it up. So will Vegas.

  25. Shut it down. Shut it all down. It’s over. The fat lady would be singing, but she’s already got COVID.

  26. Somewhere, Don Meredith is singing….”Turn out the lights, the party’s over…”. Badeepbadeep, that’s all folks!

  27. Meh. The Nearly Finished League was nearly finished anyway. The China Virus nailed the coffin shut…….

  28. If they r scared of covid i will play with or without a mask and for half the money.

  29. The player reps are veterans. They have negative concern for rookies and undrafted free agents who want to make the team and take their jobs… Typical human/union behavior…

  30. No practice, no preseason games, what’s next? The NFLPA sounds like a grievance studies program at a major university

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