Coaches, General Managers wait for details about 2020 season

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If the NFL has a plan for effectively playing the 2020 season, the NFL is doing a very good job of keeping it quiet.

Details have been scarce. Beyond a memo sent four weeks ago to all teams regarding the three-tiered protocol for facility and stadium access (a protocol that the NFL Players Association quickly said it hadn’t endorsed), teams haven’t gotten much guidance. In recent days, far more details have emerged regarding things the union wants to do this season, several of which concern the folks responsible for putting football teams on the field for games that count.

One head coach has expressed misgivings about moving forward so quickly at a time when the pandemic has created so much uncertainty. “The worst thing that happened,” the coach said, “was the draft was a success, so the Commissioner thinks he’ll be right on moving ahead toward the season.”

Exacerbating the concern is the lack of information, a vacuum that currently is being filled by news of requests from players that will serve only to make a coach’s job harder, from no mandatory hotel stays during camp to no 11-on-11 activities in practice. If the league agrees to ditch 11-on-11 activities and if that extends to walk-through practices, coaches will lose a valuable teaching tool. This will require coaches to teach in other ways. The sooner they know whether that will happen, the more time they’ll have to strategize.

Currently, they don’t know much.

“I would love to be told what we can and can’t do,” the coach said, “so we can plan and figure things out. . . . When the league office sets boundaries, they just think you magically know what to do.”

A General Manager from a different team expressed concern about reduced rosters for training camp, explaining that the easiest way to accommodate 90 players safely would be to practice at the stadium, which has multiple locker rooms. “It’s inevitable players will get it,” the G.M. said of the virus, “the key is to have a strong bullpen.”

The G.M. echoed the concern that the league isn’t giving enough information to teams.

“The communication from the league has been virtually nonexistent,” the G.M. said. “Most head coaches and General Managers get info from [PFT] or Twitter.”

As the post-July 4 push toward training camp begins, the people running the league should heed these concerns and involve coaches and General Managers in the process of creating the rules and, more importantly, letting them know what the rules will be, so that they can figure out how best to get their football teams ready to play in September. Otherwise, the football that we get, if we get football, may not be football that’s very good.

22 responses to “Coaches, General Managers wait for details about 2020 season

  1. Will the last person in the NFL to get a grip on reality please turn off the lights and lock the door behind you. Thank you. See you in 2021.

  2. the league seems to be run about as well as our country, which is not at all- pitiful-

  3. When you place the almighty dollar ahead of citizens health you quickly run out of rational ideas to support your greed.

  4. The NFL is just following the White House’s lead. You know, do nothing, give Incorrect or no direction, and pretend like nothing is wrong in hopes that it will all magically go away.

  5. owners gm’s and coaches not to mention players will not want to meet until this virus is gone. Fans won’t even go to the games unless you live in florida texas or arizona where they obviously don’t care.
    #’s don’t lie.

  6. 1918-1920 Babe Ruth Played in 367 regular season baseball games.
    All over world today sports are being played.

  7. Even if they have a season, the quality of play this year is going to be terrible. It’s not going to be worth the ticket price or the risk. So not sure why fans would even want to go.

  8. We’ll need a good bull pen? But my Packers are built on Rodgers. He’s all we’ve got. And now we drafted this new rookie kid, Love. So yeah, no season is fine with us Pakkers fans.

  9. Wear a full shield with w a breathing apparatus or visor-facemask combo when playing/practicing. Bicyclists have been wearing anti-pollution masks for some time now. Always wear a mask when under 6′(pre/post-game). Split practice times and groupings when possible. Test daily. Don’t pick your nose! Wash your hands. Social distance fans & limit stadium capacity to 1/3. Stagger exit, entrance, meal and restroom times, etc. etc. Surely, the combined IQ, assets & wealth of the NFL, owners & NFLPA can overcome these issues. Don’t be fooled into believing this is too complicated because certain high profile individuals have bungled it soo badly.

  10. I find it hard to believe that these geniuses still think that there’s even going to be a season.

  11. To put things into perspective could you imagine what our reaction would be if we were watching one of the many Pandemic /Apocalyptic TV shows where people are dying all around and folks fighting to stay alive but in the corner there is a guy/group fighting to play / schedule SPORTING events.

  12. The only legit way to keep players healthy is to fully isolate themselves.

    Ultimately the problem is: Can players, coaches, staff, execs, etc be trusted to NOT do anything that will put their health or the health of others at risk?

    I doubt it. I think about 50% of the league can do it, but 50% would fail in the first week.

  13. Some baseball players are skipping the 2020 season. I reckon some NFL players just may do the same.

  14. The more I hear the more I doubt the season can be played. Seems like these things should have been at least discussed earlier if not already agreed upon between the NFLPA and the league office. We’re three weeks from players reporting and they haven’t even agreed whether there will be preseason games or not.

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