Could new name be beginning, not end, of changes in Washington?

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Many believed that Washington’s name would change only after Daniel Snyder sells the team. Now, some are wondering whether Washington’s name change will be a precursor to Snyder selling.

The recent story from the Washington Post regarding Snyder’s absence from the organization and reliance not on employees of the team but a small circle of friends speaks not to dysfunction but to disengagement. It’s reasonable to wonder whether that disengagement could lead, eventually, to divestiture.

It’s also reasonable to wonder whether Snyder’s partners would like to see a change at the top. Robert Rothman, Dwight Schar, and Fred Smith reportedly hold 35 percent of the team. On Thursday, Smith took a public shot at Snyder, a move which by all appearances sparked the kicking-and-screaming decision by Snyder to relent from his all-caps-never stance on a new name.

If Smith is willing to take that kind of extreme step publicly against Snyder, it’s reasonable to wonder what he, Rothman, and/or Schar may be doing privately — not just to spark a name change but perhaps to grease the skids for Snyder to be gone.

Most fans of the team would welcome this development if it were to occur, since the 21 years of Snyder’s rule have seen a franchise that once won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks over a nine-year span become an also-ran, a non-contender, a bottom feeder that only periodically gets close enough to the surface to begin to see light.

35 responses to “Could new name be beginning, not end, of changes in Washington?

  1. Where was the outrage when Wahsington won three Super Bowls? It was okay then, why all the complaining now? OK, I get it. The Redskins name needs to go. Let’s talk Cowboys and Indians. If the Cleveland Indians end up changing their name, should we change the name of the Cowboys, to be fair to all who might be offended? Of course not, teams choose names for positive reasons. Will PETA’s thin skin start crying about the Lions and Tigers and Bears? Redskins, ok, it will soon be gone. But Indians, Warriors, and Braves? Those are not slurs, their caricatures and mascots bordered on that. Cleveland and Atlanta addressed those issues, eliminating Chief Wahoo and the Screaming Brave. After Washington adopts its new makeover, let’s quit the quest for things to add to our ‘cancel culture.’ Intentions are to honor, not offend. Let’s stop the negative momentum in this country and be proud. We live in the greatest place and time in history, we act so spoiled somethimes.

  2. Dan selling the team ( seems unlikely to me ) is something that most fans would welcome !!

  3. This is nothing new. Danny has never been at the forefront of the organization in terms of a vocal leader. He has alway had that buffer and the new one is Riverboat Ron. Nothing to see here and he will not be forced to sale the team unless he relents in the face of pressure to change it. Otherwise his partners and the league of owners will show him the exit stage left.

  4. Very Unlikely Indeed. Anybody that has followed the Skins knows how stubborn he is. The Skins have been a colossal failure under his reign.

  5. Enter Jeff Bezos if Snyder wants to ride off into the sunset but unlikely because by all accounts he seems to be just as much a fan of the franchise as a owner. Just can’t get it right!

  6. Snyder selling the team would be the best thing that could happen. A fish always rots from the head down, which explains why the Washington team has been so lousy for the last couple of decades. Snyder is a terrible owner and the team would benefit from his departure.

  7. The dysfunction continues in Washington, both on the political and the football front.

    Snyder has been a pretty sad owner who has always thought spending the most in FA and putting together the most expensive team would bring a championship to DC.

    Keep up the good work, Snyder.

    Signed: NFC East fans

  8. If the REDSKINS fold and change their name, which team will be next? My guess is the Browns.

  9. There’s nothing to suggest Snyder will sell the team and this is a major leap based on him being out of the country with a small group of people. Snyder won’t sell even if he is forced to change the name.

  10. Joe Gibbs was a mad scientist. He doesn’t get enough credit. He should definitely be in the pantheon of GOAT coaches.
    My pops is still mad about the 49ers getting robbed in the 1983 NFC championship loss against the Redskins. That 49ers team would have dogged the Raiders in the super bowl.

  11. Does changing the team name prior to a sale get Snyder a better price for the team? If not, why would he change the name and then sell team?

  12. That team needs a new name, brand, training facility, offices, and stadium. Dan has allowed them to be completely outdated as a team.

  13. To the Cowboys fan…seriously, would it be good for the game if Jerry Jones sold? Franchise hasn’t done much in last 25 years but soak fans of an incredible amount of money (with no corresponding success on the field). But not for Jerry’s nonstop rah rah stuff and his open mic, not sure anyone would really care that much about the franchise (I never underestimate his ability to soak clueless fans of large amounts of money). Who else would shell out so much for seemingly so little?

  14. The Cowboys could be run better but they spend money, bring in talent, players want to be Cowboys, fans enjoy rooting for them and have a strong brand. Redskins, not so much. And I hate the Cowboys.

  15. The Super rich buy sports teams as toys.

    Dan has run his toy poorly and maybe he’s bored with it.
    It only took 20 years.

  16. “ If the REDSKINS fold and change their name, which team will be next? My guess is the Browns.”

    The Browns were named after Paul Brown. Highly unlikely they will rename the team.

  17. So Snydes is in Europe but Americans are banned from traveling there? Sounds about right…

  18. renegade says:
    July 5, 2020 at 6:29 pm
    “ If the REDSKINS fold and change their name, which team will be next? My guess is the Browns.”

    The Browns were named after Paul Brown. Highly unlikely they will rename the team.

    We all know that but people get offended by everything in today’s society so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  19. Because, the times they are a changing. You better start swimming or you will sink like a stone.

  20. This is all fake news. Daniel Snyder is not selling the team nor is he changing the name. After the election, this will be forgotten.

  21. If he can just swallow his pride, change the name and apologize for it taking so long, then everyone will be praising him. Also he will make a fortune on all the new merchandise sales. Not to mention that he actually has a damn good coach for once and great player potential. No this seems like a terrible time to sell. Just suck it up and act apologetic and change the damn name!

  22. theringisthething says:
    July 5, 2020 at 7:16 pm
    Washington Redskin Potatoes
    That was funny the first 5,000 times I saw it. Now? Not so much.

  23. Does anyone think Redskin is an honorific? I think most people know it’s offensive. If you don’t you are just being willfully ignorant. Just change the name already and stop with this ridiculous slippery slope argument.

  24. Snyder seems like a league liability to me. This team used to be one of the most popular teams in the league, had good or competitive teams. This team is now incompetent in the front office, on the field and has a large black eye for the league with the brutal team name. Get rid of this clown. I cant believe the other owners aren’t screaming for his head.

  25. Suggestions: Paris Franks, Berlin Warmen, London Knights, Mexico City Federales, Orlando Mice, Barcelona Margarritas, Rome Roamers.

  26. Where was the outrage when Wahsington won three Super Bowls? It was okay then, why all the complaining now?


    It was around then too, bro. You must not remember but I do.

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