D.C. Congresswoman to propose bill for new stadium at RFK site after name change

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Changing the name of the Washington football team is something Dan Snyder hasn’t wanted to do in the past. However, with pressure mounting against the name making the change could actually help give him the new stadium he does want for his franchise.

According to J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton intends to bring forth a bill that will allow for the federally owned site where RFK Stadium currently resides to be repurposed for a new (insert team name here)’s stadium.

“I certainly will. This is unused land. Unused Federal land. And the District can’t afford, because we have a height limit, to have any land go that goes unused. I couldn’t get this bill through even when Republicans controlled the House,” Norton said Monday. “So I now believe I can get it through only after the name is changed for the good of the District of Columbia.”

Norton had previously understood that any chance of using the site for a new stadium for the team was a no-go due to objections to the team name. If that obstacle is removed it could pave the wave for the team to return to the district from Maryland after moving into FedExField in Sept. 1997.

RFK Stadium and the area are scheduled to be demolished by next year. The site is just east of the U.S. Capitol building.

“Everybody wants to come to the nation’s capital. Events benefit tremendously by coming to the nation’s capital,” Norton said. “But you’ve got to have a place to hold those events. There was only one place to hold those events. And [not having] that place has – for no good reason – cost all those involved, including the District of Columbia, but above all Dan Snyder, a boatload, indeed a fortune, in revenue.”