Devin McCourty: Preseason games less important than safe start to camp

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A vote of NFLPA team representatives last week recommended scrapping preseason games entirely this summer in favor of increased practice time for teams that haven’t worked on the field at all this offseason.

The preseason has already been scaled back to two games for each team, but the number of games isn’t of vital interest to Patriots defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty. Jason McCourty said on their podcast that “it hurts” when those games are taken away because players make teams in those contests, but agreed with his brother that other things are more important right now.

“For us as players we still want to know ‘How is everything going to function and work?’ Don’t get me wrong, everybody is working towards that and building,” McCourty said, via Mike Reiss of “There’s calls and everything. But I think that’s more important than whether there’s four preseason games, two preseason games, no preseason games. All that stuff will work itself out. All that stuff matters if the first phase of us being back in training camp is going well. If that doesn’t go well, then there is no anything. For me that has been more my focus. I haven’t really cared what the preseason games look like.”

The McCourtys aren’t alone in asking questions about what the return to business is going to look like and the time to come up with answers is running short.

6 responses to “Devin McCourty: Preseason games less important than safe start to camp

  1. “Since Brady left this guy sure does talk a lot….”

    He regularly spoke before he left as well, at least the for the last couple seasons. He’s one of the team vets and leaders.

  2. As far as football goes, without all of the practices and preseason games your expectations of any resembling professional football need to be thrown out the window. It will look like peewee football instead.

  3. SWFLPC.INC says:
    July 6, 2020 at 8:55 am
    Since Brady left this guy sure does talk a lot….

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    As much as they enjoyed playing with Brady, I would imagine the #1 D in the league that got absolutely zero help from Brady and his supposed stewarding of the offense, got a bit frustrated last year watching their work completely squandered every week once Brady started pouting and essentially quit after the inevitable Brown release.

    That’s why numerous defenders have been vocal after what Brady did last year.

  4. There seems to be more team cohesion this year with the Patriots. Last year they had to deal with Brady’s bad attitude and diva ways which are never a good thing for a team.

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