Patrick Mahomes agrees to extension through 2031

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Neither Patrick Mahomes nor the Chiefs showed any sign of worry about the prospect of coming together on a contract extension that will keep him in Kansas City for the long term and there won’t be any need to worry about another deal for quite some time.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Mahomes and the Chiefs have agreed to an extension that runs through the 2031 season. Mahomes is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal and the Chiefs exercised their option on his contract for next season.

There’s no word on the financial terms of the contract at this point, but it promises to be the biggest deal for any quarterback given what Mahomes has done over his two seasons as a starter.

Among the details of those terms that will be interesting to see is if his payout is tied to a percentage of the salary cap rather than a set salary each year. If it’s not, the deal will likely need to be revisited sooner rather than later because a rising cap would almost certainly push another quarterback above Mahomes in the pecking order before too much time passes.

That information will come. For now, we know that Mahomes and the Chiefs are planning to stay together for another decade.

70 responses to “Patrick Mahomes agrees to extension through 2031

  1. I’m interested to see the details. Either way this kid deserves to get paid!

  2. Cowboys bout to brake the federal reserve for Dak now . Ughh
    As a cowboys fan this couldn’t have turned out worse

  3. Risk for the chiefs, but i would take that risk as well. If he stays healthy PM should be the best qb in the nfl during that whole contract.

  4. Can’t tell if this is a good or bad idea to sign a contract that long. Guess the structure and guarantees will tell the tale…?

  5. I can’t wait for the hot takes about how dumb he is for committing to a contract that will set him up for 10 lifetimes.

  6. Dang ! – as a diehard Broncos fan I was hoping they’d just release him – lol – yeah sure – kidding aside congrats, he deserves it ! should be some great KC and Broncos battles over the next decade – Mahomes vs Lock !!

  7. The devil will be in the details, but this news seems to make Dak Prescott’s fight for a 4 year instead of a 5 year contract look a bit petty. When a superior player like Mahomes seems to be looking to build a commitment and partnership with his franchise (good for both sides) and potentially not fight for every dollar when filthy riches are already assured, it doesn’t look good that Prescott is pushing for an escape hatch and/or the max money possible. It has been assumed that a Mahomes deal ahead of a Prescott deal would increase Prescott’s leverage; is it possible that this deal will undercut Prescott’s leverage a little?

  8. Patrick Mahomes is an amazing talent and seems like a solid guy off the field. Maybe I have some innate fear of commitment, but 11 seasons seems like a really long time, though (as in on the level of NHL contracts that wind up backfiring for the team).

  9. He’s a fierce competitor and a nice person always working hard to get better. You can’t ask for more than that. He earned his success.

  10. This could go either way. Either the Chiefs get a generational talent on the cheap in the latter years of the contract, or regret having Mahomes signed-up for so long once his performance drops off in the (hopefully) distant future. In any case, this deal will look good in the next half-decade, or more!

  11. Extension through 2031?? My ten year old son shold be just about graduating college by then. That contract must be massive.

  12. Good for Patrick and the Chiefs but man, that seems like a long time. 11 years?

  13. Raider fan here….smart move by the Chiefs….best QB in the league in his prime and his deal will look even better 5 years down the road. Having players of his caliber in the AFC West forces everyone to up their game!

  14. Over/under at 4.5 years before he is unhappy with his current contract.

  15. That noise you hear isn’t rain, it’s the tears of the AFC west rivals for the next 11 years.

  16. Chief for life… In 5 years if they don’t have another SB it wound matter. Because we’ll still have something no more than 4 other teams have achieved in the last 5 years.

    Now I hope they can find a way to keep Jones.

  17. Its gotta be 400 Million. Wow!! Congrats Mahomes. Cant say you deserve it but youre still one helluva football player and a treat to watch every Sunday.

  18. This shows that Dakota from the Dallas football team is neither a prime player nor is he worth what he is commanding.

    This is what happens when you are a true first level player and that the team knows it and will pay for it.

    Time for every slacker who is holding out to get real – if you were any good you would get paid. Now adjust your ego and accept that you are second or third rate players and sign the contracts offered to you.

  19. A 10 year extension? Wowzers. It’s going to be for some very serious coin. Well deserved, but does that leave any room for anyone else to get paid??

  20. 10 years?! Hahahahaha! Good luck with that! No way will Mahomes last as long as Brady did in New England. That contract is gonna burn out quickly the minute Mahomes becomes unhappy with his team. A sure fire way to end a new dynasty before it began.

  21. so weird seeing 2031. The did it right with him, sit a year and learn and then play him. having Andy Reid as his coach probably helped but you have to say his success is part fo a good foundation .

  22. Will be interesting to see what the money looks like.. either way, will never see it in my lifetime.

  23. The potential to be the most dynamic and best quarterback in league history. Face of league, already best player in Chiefs history – you give him ALLLL the money. Not only that KC fans would prob lose their minds if they let him go. That is THEIR guy. Good for them, good for the Chiefs. I’m sure once financial terms come out it’ll be something we haven’t seen before, but you have to do it, no questions asked

  24. It won’t be tied to the cap, because the cap will be flat the next few years, especially after this season goes down the drain in October. That being said, they will likely have to restructure this 10-year deal about 4 times. By then the Chiefs dead cap money in year 11 will be about $150 million.

  25. When is the last time we saw a 10 year extension? I honestly cant remember 1 more recent than early 2000’s when Bledsoe and McNabb signed. Should be good for both though as cap hit will be relatively lower compared to a shorter deal obviously.

  26. Who was the last top paid QB to win a SB?
    It’s nice to be paid but Mahomes just handicapped his team. It would be a bummer if the salary cap went down since the fan and TV revenues are not what they use to be.

  27. patsfan112 says:
    July 6, 2020 at 3:22 pm
    10 years?! Hahahahaha! Good luck with that! No way will Mahomes last as long as Brady did in New England. That contract is gonna burn out quickly the minute Mahomes becomes unhappy with his team. A sure fire way to end a new dynasty before it began.

    Good luck finding a QB remotely as talented as Mahomes in the next 10 years.

  28. There has never been a 200 million dollar deal. Now there is a 300+ million dollar deal.

    10 year deals had all but died due to amount of risk associated with the team and the player. Obviously Mahomes feels this is a good deal for him and the Chiefs love it. Can’t wait to see the financials for it.

  29. My guess is average about $44 Mil per and in 2 years after being strapped for cash for everybody else the Chiefs sign all the receivers from the 2019 end of year Eagles squad.

  30. how many of these 10 year deals have ever been completed? Roethlisberger is the only one who’s done it right?

  31. Crazy length. Chiefs are giving up next two years at LOW money and will now be hurting vs. cap each year.

  32. He should have signed a 30 year contract fully guaranteed and he would never ever have to worry about money… nor would his children, or grandchildren, great great grandchildren….. and on and on. Call it the Bobby Bonilla contract.

  33. Mahomes is a true baller, great teammate and humble too. He’s the anti-rodgers

  34. Bold strategy, Cotton. They better hope he doesn’t get banged up much.

  35. Headline in 2024:

    “Mahomes holds out, boycotts training camp, saying he is underpaid.”

  36. Lol at Pats fans and the cap hell talk. Almost has to be a percentage of the cap deal. This kid gets that he will be rich beyond measure. He also gets that the team won’t continue to prosper if they can’t get/keep talent around him. He’s not going to “get his” at the expense of everyone else. That’s not how he’s wired.

  37. I guess Dak Prescott has a new target that he’ll have to beat before he signs an extension with the Cowgirls.

  38. He deserves to be paid because he is the BEST QB.All KC fans are flying high, but as Pat moves through his contract they will have to get very creative to keep their good players.You will see.

  39. i think whatever he got, he will earn it. seems like a great young man and i certainly hope
    he stays healthy and gets every dollar. good job KC

  40. Lol, didn’t all the KC fans claim he was gonna take a hometown discount so they could build around him?

  41. maxamili says:
    July 6, 2020 at 3:04 pm
    Cowboys bout to brake the federal reserve for Dak now . Ughh
    As a cowboys fan this couldn’t have turned out worse

    Dak isn’t anywhere close to Mahomes and everyone knows that except delusional Cowboy homer fans.

  42. Might not be a huge as you think. His agent did say, you have to consider the needs of the team as well.

  43. Prescott has no business tying his salary to Mahomes; he’s not in the same class. Holding out for that kind of money should get him traded or cut.
    The next one up for that kind of silly money will be Watson, and he’ll get it.

  44. Watson won’t get the same type of money as Mahomes until he wins a Super Bowl/

  45. Mahomes is the only guy who might be worth it, but he’s definitely worth it.

  46. 2031. Now that’s a long time.

    Wish the kid well.

    Hope K.C. knows what it is doing.

  47. Generational talent, incredibly fun to watch, a leader, wealthy, and not controversial. KC fans – the Gods have shined on you – you should be grateful – we shall live vicariously.

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