Patriots send season ticket holders plans for 2020 season

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The Patriots are letting season ticket holders know that they expect the 2020 season to go on, but not like usual.

In a message sent to season ticket holders today, the team said it will offer free parking at Gillette Stadium and digital-only tickets in an attempt to make social distancing while getting in and out of the stadium easier and more convenient. The Patriots also left room for the possibility of canceled games.

“We are excited to welcome fans to Gillette Stadium in 2020,” the Patriots’ message said. “We know you, too, are eager to return and cheer on the Patriots together. However as previously communicated, if for any reason a game is cancelled this season or is unable to be played with fans, you will receive a full refund for the face value of your ticket (plus associated fees) OR you will have the option to apply the full amount of a cancelled game as a credit toward a future ticket purchase.”

The Patriots have also said that any season ticket holders who are elderly or have underlying health conditions can sit this year out and get their seats back in 2021. They are asking fans to let them know whether they’ll do that by July 31 — when the current plan says training camps will be open and the NFL will be on its way to getting the 2020 season started.

6 responses to “Patriots send season ticket holders plans for 2020 season

  1. Massachusetts put a plan in place for a 4 phased reopening, and TODAY is the start of phase 3. Since they began their reopening they have seen an uptick in positive cases because MORE PEOPLE ARE GETTING TESTED, and the reason more people are getting tested is because more people are returning to work, and some of those places of employment are testing their employees. However, a positive test simply means you have been exposed to the virus. It DOES NOT MEAN that you are sick, or that you will become sick and need hospitalization. Many people have been exposed to the virus and never displayed a single symptom, but that goes against the hysteria of the moment so those FACTS aren’t newsworthy. Massachusetts hospitals are back to being FULLY STAFFED, and are running under normal operating procedures. Hospitalizations in Massachusetts due to Covid 19 ARE DOWN as are deaths…The virus is running it’s course like most viruses do and is fading into history. The media is attempting to keep the drama alive for political purposes it’s really as simple as that. I am traveling to Las Vegas this coming weekend, and I have phoned the hotel on the strip where I’m staying, and spoken to a staff member there who says that Las Vegas IS NOT REQUIRING MASKS in their lobbies or their pool areas, or on their casino floors. They are RECOMMENDING you wear one, but it’s not required. Yesterday I went to my local beach in town here, and NO MASK IS REQUIRED at the beach. I guess Covid 19 is not transferable near water or sand

  2. Just issue a federal mandate to wear a mask.

    That said, this memo implies fans in the stands which is 100% irresponisble just like the words of our lunatic president.

    Kraft needs to be a leader here as does the NFL. No fans allowed based on data.

    There is no way they can trust morons mingling inside or even have half full stadiums. It will not work based on the science we know about with this virus.

  3. Season ticket holders are very happy to be refunded for preseason games in 2020.

    Thats usually $$ down the drain, we normally have to give those away for free.

  4. Whats the point for you guys anyway? I mean, come on… is it really worth it after all the super bowls? I would imagine its getting old… unless you really have nothing better to do.

  5. The 1rst poster is completely misinformed. For your own sakes, do your own homework.

  6. IMHO, there will be no fans allowed in any NFL games. Let’s hope that teams and NFL can contain the spread, kind of hard with the amount of contact in the sport

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