Report: Ivy League coaches anticipate postponing fall sports


The Ivy League drew some criticism in March when they canceled their basketball tournament, the first conference to do so. Then, everyone else did too.

So many are watching this week’s anticipated announcement by the conference regarding fall sports, some see it as a fait accompli.

According to Bruce Feldman and Nicole Auerbach of, multiple Ivy League coaches anticipate that fall sports will be pushed back to next spring.

“In order to have an effective season without hiccups, time is the answer,” one Ivy League coach said. “If we play in the spring, it won’t bother me.”

Another Ivy League coach said: “That seems most realistic now with cases spiking in so many places.”

The Ivy League promised an announcement Wednesday, but Harvard announced Monday that all classes will be online-only in the fall, though they are bringing some students back to campus.

If they postpone football, it could carry weight with other conferences, at least at the FCS level. Whether the Power Five conferences follow suit remains to be seen, though the numbers of positive tests among group workouts at places such as Alabama and Clemson should give anyone pause.