Report: Patrick Mahomes extension not tied to percentage of cap

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One of the questions we had in response to the news of Patrick Mahomes‘ agreement on a 10-year extension with the Chiefs was whether the quarterback’s compensation will be tied to a percentage of the salary cap.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the answer to that question is no. Per Schefter, the new money in the extension, which runs through the 2031 season, is worth $450 million and is not tied to the cap. As a result, Mahomes’ compensation will remain static even if the next round of broadcast deals keep pushing the cap higher over the course of his deal.

Mahomes is signed for this year and is set to play out the 2021 season under the terms of Kansas City’s fifth-year option. That option carries a salary of $28.4 million and his 2020 base salary is $2.8 million.

Schefter also reports that there is an injury guarantee of $140 million, but there are no other details about money guaranteed at signing or voidable years at the back end of the deal that could make it look quite different than it does at first blush.

23 responses to “Report: Patrick Mahomes extension not tied to percentage of cap

  1. I can imagine Mahomes could have made even more – but from his point of view, maybe he;s satisfied with $450 (on top of what he will have earned, so tahst over $500 million) rather than $550 or $600 million.

    If you get an injury guarantee of $140, plus the 5th year option, you are already set.

    If you want even more, go play for a scrub team that can pay. make $55MM/year and go 6-10 every year of your career.

  2. Mahomes should have tied his contract to a rising salary cap. He may need to re-figure that in the alter years after winning a couple more SBs in the nest two to three years.

  3. Hometown discount.

    That is a steal of a deal especially if it comes out that the first few years come in at 30M and the last few years are 50+.

  4. Its also static if the cap goes down, which you always fail to mention. Seeing how 2020 is going, anything is possible.

  5. Trust me. He just hit the player lottery. This is how it’s done folks. The Chiefs wanted a deal and HE WANTED a deal and the deal got done. I congratulate both parties on getting it done and move on. I always though Andy Ried was better then Philly.

  6. So he’s clearing 45 mil a year. I wonder why not just 40 mil?? He would have still been the highest paid.

    If Prescott thinks he’s worth that type of money I’d let him walk if I were Jerry Jones. Prescott isn’t in Mahome’s zip code as far as quality of player. Only Mahomes is worth that amount of money.Prescott is worth 30 mil a year ( and I’m being gracious) max.

  7. KC will never win again with that chunk of the cap going to one player. This all goes back tk bloated Flacco and then desperate Minny with Cousins.

    No way around it.

    Cap goes down possibly 80 mil next year after Covid19s devastation.

  8. Good deal for both sides. Mahomes still gets a big payday, probably will be a lot upfront guaranteed, the injury guarantee is huge too. And if Mahomes plays to this level for the next 10 years, I’m sure there are going to be more deals and extensions done a few years from now anyway. He’s making plenty of money, without killing the team in the short-term at least.

  9. I’m not an agent and dont pretend to be one, but by playing out the last two years of his rookie contract, Mahomes must have gotten a hell of a lot upfront guaranteed money on his new deal. I trust the upfront money guarantees are injury and pandemic free. Congrats to both parties for getting this deal done. I think both the Chiefs and Mahomes are happy with it.

  10. Mahommes contract reminds me of Bryce Harpers contract(Mahommes), which was immediately eclipsed by Mike Trouts contract(Dak)

  11. Great for both. Huge money for Mahomes, but manageable money for the Chiefs down the road.

    Imagine down the road when far less QBs are getting more just because that’s what the “market” says.

    I know this site lives the idea of a percentage of cap contract but this should put that idea to bed for awhile. If Mahomes isn’t no one is going to have the pull to get a deal like that. And with covid-19’s potential impact on the cap no one should want that.

  12. Rocket science people…..

    He is guaranteed $140 mil regardless. To further help:

    “….but there are no other details about money guaranteed at signing or voidable years at the back end of the deal that could make it look quite different than it does at first blush…”

    AKA, he could already have more money now, or could make more than that based on writing of the deal. AKA, this is not tied to the percentage of the cap.

    Again, not rocket science. Youre welcome.

  13. If Pat Mahomes can’t get this done in a year in which the salary cap may actually decrease for once, it’s probably never going to happen. Unless maybe the Pat Mahomes of agents comes along some day.

  14. I can imagine where Mahomes will earn over 1 billion dollars by the end of 2031 if he just keeps his health and plays smart (throw it away/run out of bounds and live for the next down) with all the endorsements he will have as well as the 450,000,000. Amazing-

  15. The better performing teams are not alone in their concern for overpaying certain player positions at the determent of not being able to afford the supporting players who allow these players to perform at higher levels. As rookie salaries are transformed into higher salaries based upon performance, many want to be paid liked the top dog in their position. The NFL salary cap prevents that from happening and prevents teams from holding on to skilled players. This explains why the Tom Brady’s take less in salary to hold together the best team they can. This could lead to salary caps for player positions that in total can’t exceed the team cap. And 12% cap for QBs should be the starting player cap point. For 2020 the NFL team salary cap is $198.2 million. 12% of the cap is $23.8 million leaving $174.5 million for the remaining 54 players plus the practice squad. No matter how you divvy up the remaining cap after paying the QB their 12%, the team will suffer in paying for talent to support the QB. This is a Team sport that require a good supporting cast of players to be successful. Without a good supporting team, players will struggle to even be average.

  16. Let’s not act like Mahomes grew up poor so doing a long term deal with money being stretched out, isn’t an issue for him. He knows how to handle his money and doesn’t need to feed every friend and family member next week.

  17. I can’t think of a better player to earn this kind of money. Good for him!

  18. I hate to break it to you all, but the salary cap is going to be higher this year than it will be for at least the next 3 years… With the way things are going I would sign anything I can now.

  19. This % of the cap is NEVER going to work. For it to work, everyone on the team has to be tied to the cap. If not, when Player A goes up in %, Player B is going to go down because he is getting paid in dollars.

  20. kenmasters34 says:
    July 6, 2020 at 5:55 pm
    Mahommes contract reminds me of Bryce Harpers contract(Mahommes), which was immediately eclipsed by Mike Trouts contract(Dak)
    Except there’s a huge difference in talent gap with Harper vs Trout and Mahomes vs Dak.

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